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《Tigerair Taiwan》is the first native Taiwanese brand name for international budget flights. Under the Tigerair Taiwan philosophy, we put forth maximum possible efforts to offer warm, prompt, convenient and affordable means of travel to our cherished Tigerair Taiwan lovers to make Tigerair Taiwan lovers' each and every dream possible. As a result of the birth of Tigerair Taiwan, we bring about a brand new start amidst the warm aspiration, enthusiasm and faithfulness. The Tigerair Taiwan philosophy is very simple. We elaborately design and offer enjoyable journeys under faithful, respectful and innovative principles to enable each and every passenger to enjoy unlimited pleasure and excitement at the same time as he or she is closer to his or her dreams.

In the wake of year-long profound research and valuation, the China Airlines Group, at the same time as its marches toward the glorious 55th anniversary, officially promulgated its plan to team up with Tigerair Singapore into a joint venture of Tigerair Taiwan. With the DNA of China Airlines' profound similarity with Taiwan markets in concert with Tigerair in the international budget flights, this first budget airline Tigerair Taiwan provides passengers in entire Taiwan markets with added choices.
The Tigerair Taiwan Preparatory Task Teams have officially come into being, stationed and launched the founding process. Here at Tigerair Taiwan, flight safety & security represents our very cornerstone and is the very conviction and core value unconditionally insisted by the entire Tigerair Taiwan teammates. Under no circumstances shall we, the entire Tigerair Taiwan staff members, ever possible make any compromise toward flight safety & security. Starting from the very start of our maiden flights while our mechanical teammates joined us all, we launched very aggressive preparatory process. 《Tigerair Taiwan》operates under a budget airline company mode but under no circumstances shall Tigerair Taiwan ever compromise any least bit in flight safety & security.
In an effort to encourage more youngsters to fill their dreams to fly on the air, here at Tigerair Taiwan, we, as the very pioneer among all domestic airlines, initiated a plan to permit senior high (vocational) school graduates to register themselves for flight attendants . This policy has invited applicants in the number virtually breaking historical records among all domestic airlines, say, as incredibly as 7, 543 applicants in number among whom, merely approximately 1.16% were successfully admitted, the lowest ever record among the flight attendant recruitment history in entire Taiwan.
Amidst surefire preparatory work, Tigerair Taiwan launched the maiden flight of Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan—Singapore flight route, with full-load of 180 passengers eyewitnessing the successful Tigerair Taiwan maiden flight.
Thanks to the drumming up support from 《Tigerair Taiwan》Daniel Wong, an ethnic Chinese designer of worldwide fame for his concerted teamwork with Tigerair Taiwan, we dramatically transfigured《Tigerair Taiwan》A320 flights into brilliant catwalk backgrounds to present the up-to-date 2015 Daniel Wong fall winter fashions. Such successful cross-trade teamwork brought Tigerair Taiwan into the new highlights. 
《Tigerair Taiwan》teams up with "TKK" a famed leading flagship native brandname to jointly offer native Taiwanese cuisine "AIR TKK" in-flight meals, virtually fulfilling the "Taiwanese cuisine takeoff" into the air.
Under surefire preparatory work, 《Tigerair Taiwan》specifically invited the teachers and students of Evergreen Baihe Elementary School in Majia Township, Pingtung County to experience the hand-over boarding excitements at Kaohsiung International Airport to eyewitness the completely brand new《Tigerair Taiwan》 Airbus A320 cabin. We, meanwhile, arranged Tigerair Taiwan flight attendants to guide them all with demo of a variety of safety & security facilities as a hand-over promotion of flight safety & security.
Amidst the jubilant celebration of its first anniversary,《Tigerair Taiwan》declared its plan to team up with Taipei City Zoo with hands-on acts to adopt the Zoo animals, with drumming up support toward animal conservation as part of the Tigerair Taiwan feedback programs to the society. Meanwhile, we called the entire Tigerair Taiwan staff to join the animal conservation subjects in the corporate adoption programs for animals. Through such Tigerair Taiwan efforts, we earnestly hope that our entire society will become more than better. We invited both Tigerair Taiwan passengers and general public to team us all to focus on tiger conservation with added concern about the issues to ensure tigers in sound survival.
The brand new Tigerair Taiwan promotion video began broadcast worldwide "Get Wild Tigerair Taiwan" redefined with scenarios focusing on characteristics of tigers. Through such Tigerair Taiwan dedication, we hope our fellow passengers would witness their "very wild inner wildness " in each and every Tigerair Taiwan flight.
On November 21, 2015, Tigerair Taiwan sponsored a magnificent Road Tiger Run at Kaohsiung. The Tigerair Taiwan event was attended by nearly ten thousand enthusiastic participants at the Dream Mall, including even Japanese tourists who joined this Tigerair Taiwan gala event through special-purpose trip.
On April 8, 2016, Tigerair Taiwan jubilantly welcomed its one millionth Tigerair Taiwan passenger to board at Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan. This lucky Tigerair Taiwan client surnamed Tsao was exclusively offered with one Tigerair Taiwan round-trip ticket starting from Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan to any among twelve destinations at his discretion.
Amidst the overall surveys conducted in "Reader's Digest Brand Reputation" for eighteen (18) years in a row,《Tigerair Taiwan》honorably won the supreme honors of Platinum Prize, as the first Taiwan-based budget airline company to win such top honors. In the widespread grand surveys in "《30》 Young Era Brand Names" held in the preceding month (May), 《Tigerair Taiwan》was crowned with Double Champions in the categories of "Most Frequently Used Brandname" and "Optimal Brandname".
In our dedication to giving back to the society,《Tigerair Taiwan》 fulfills the "irrigation project" by inviting the Baseball Team of Guanxi Elementary School of Hsinchu County toward Koshien so that the kids would be given a chance to eyewitness the enthusiastic Japanese professional baseball games. Tigerair Taiwan expects those junior baseball team members would be courageous enough to pursue and fulfill their aspiring dreams.
In the first Tigerair Taiwan anniversary (2015) featuring the jubilant Grasping Week of Goodies and the "Get Wild" brand spirit, the current second Tigerair Taiwan anniversary (2016) is characterized with "Two Get-Wild Gourmet Goodies". In the anniversary promotion campaign, we generously offered buy one get one free program for all Tigerair Taiwan flight destinations. All Tigerair Taiwan lovers jubilantly joined us all in the "Two Wild ".
" At 2015 year-end, Tigerair Taiwan held the First Tiger Tide Road-Run Gala at Dream Mall Times Square. That Gala attracted nearly ten thousand participants. In September 2016 as Tigerair Taiwan celebrated its second anniversary, we once more held ""Tigerair Taiwan Sumo Road-Run, known as Tiger Run 2 in brief"". In the current year, Tigerair Taiwan plans to benefit Tigerair Taiwan covers in northern Taiwan by hosting a 3-km grand road-run gala on east bank of Green Lake on October 22. On that occasion, we, as the pioneer, would like to introduce the famed British upsurge Sumo Run into Taiwan. On that magnificent event, each and every registered contestant would wear inflated sumo clothes throughout the game. "

26th Sep, 2014 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Singapore

14th Nov, 2014 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-  Bangkok Don Muang Airport

17th Dec, 2014 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Macao

18th Dec, 2014 - Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Macao

2nd Apr, 2015 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Haneda Tokyo

29th Jun, 2015 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Naha Okinawa

3rd Jul, 2015 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Kansai Osaka

3rd Jul, 2015 - Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Kansai Osaka

1st Sep, 2015 - Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Haneda Tokyo

12th Dec, 2015 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan- Zhangjiajie

19th Dec, 2015 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Haneda Tokyo

28th Jan, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Fukuoka

29th Jan, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Nagoya

18th Mar, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan- Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

5th May, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Daegu

29th Jun, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Sendai

14th Jul, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Okayama

12th Aug, 2016 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Hakodate

19th Jan, 2017 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Busan

4th Mar, 2017 - Maiden Flight Kaohsiung-Okinawa

28th Mar, 2017 - Maiden Flight Taoyuan-Jeju

29th Mar, 2017 - Maiden Flight Taichung-Macao