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Designated corperate

In an attempt to better serve corporate customers and vast number of youngsters, Tigerair Taiwan elaborates orchestrates the preferential programs exclusively privileged to accredited Tigerair Taiwan members. Through exclusive corporate discount bodes, all our accredited Tigerair Taiwan members are privileged for 10% discount for all routes served by Tigerair Taiwan (Bangkok/Macao /Okinawa/Daequ/Pusan /Jeju/Fukuoka/Okayama/Nagoya/Osaka/Narida/Haneda/Sendai /Hakodate) along with bargain sales tickets among other privileges.

Please be smart enough by joining Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd. as contractors to win added "budget" for all your travel programs.

A. How to join Tigerair Taiwan to become a corporate contractor?
  1. First of all, download "Application form for Tigerair Taiwan's special contractor"
  2. Fill out the application form, affix the corporate stamp and the responsible person's seal thereupon and mail the application form, original, back to Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd..
  3. Then in turn, you will receive Notice for "Membership of Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd." by e-mail.
  4. Then, you officially become a privileged special contractor member of Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd..
  5. Any change, after the booking record is completed, is subject to charge based on the rates promulgated through Tigerair Taiwan's official website.
  6. Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right of final discretion.
B. Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right of final discretion.
  1. A special contractor is advised to input through Tigerair Taiwan's official website "point of departure ", "destination", "date of departure ", "date of scheduled return", "number of passengers" and the like. Subsequently, please input in the box of "promotion code" the special corporate discount code, and then push instant search.

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  2. After you successfully search the desired flight number, the following illustration appears (The discounted prices vary for different dates, flights). The mark-on prices indicate the correct post-discount prices. For the actual preferential amounts after discount, please press the top right corner "check the integral information in full".

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target objectives:

Official applicants and contractors of Tigerair Taiwan


May 1, 2017~December 31, 2017


  1. You may participate in the accumulation as long as your book with special corporate code through the Tigerair Taiwan's official website www.tigerairtw.com during the specified timeframe.
  2. Where the aggregate total of the booked tickets provided by Tigerair Taiwan to the contractors in a month is up to the criteria specified for the program, the firms may participate in application for complimentary tickets. The balance of the tickets may be taken into continued accumulation.
  3. A corporate client who books tickets for 100 flight segments is granted complimentary ticket for 1 flight segment (one-way).

example for calculation of flight segment:

  • Taipei-Kangshan (1 flight segment)
  • Taipei-Kangshan x Kangshan-Taipei (2 flight segments)
  • Where three passengers book Kaohsiung-Tokyo round-trip tickets: 3 x2=6 flight segments

scope of the categories of complimentary tickets:

  • The complimentary tickets granted by Tigerair Taiwan shall be used up within 90 days.
  • You may use a complimentary ticket free of restriction on waypoint throughout the itinerary.
  • You are, nevertheless, advised to note Tigerair Taiwan's terms on Embargo Date.
  • A passenger is deemed in a quitclaim if he or she does not use a complimentary ticket within the specified time limit. The certificate of a complimentary ticket is non-assignable and not permitted for postponement of validity, rescheduling, refund or cashing.
  • A complimentary ticket does not include airport tax for departure and arrival airports, booking service charge, checked luggage, in-flight meals, a variety of handling charges, travel safety insurance, hotel, bus, ship fare and such value-added services.


  • Such complimentary tickets are offered by Tigerair Taiwan to be exclusively used internally by corporate members and shall not be assigned or resold to any others with payment. Whenever a corporate member is found in contravention of such rules, Tigerair Taiwan is entitled to terminate its membership or discontinue its qualifications to participate in the special privilege offered for such a member.
  • Such complimentary Tigerair Taiwan tickets shall not be reissued if lost or damaged.
  • Please browse Tigerair Taiwan's official website about the conversion serial numbers for such complimentary Tigerair Taiwan tickets.
  • Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd. reserves the final right at its discretion to adjust these regulations and contents of privileges.