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Privacy Policy of Tigerair Taiwan Co., Ltd.

it is our duty to respect your privacy and we adopt every possible data protection measures technically and organizationally to prevent your data from wrongful use. All policies and methods are in accordance with Taiwan (R.O.C.) Personal Information Protection Act, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act and Taiwan (R.O.C.) Regulations Governing Personal Information File Security Maintenance Plan and Processing Method for the Civil Air Transport Enterprise.

For providing you services, contact, customer management, marketing, data management, statistical surveys and analysis, commercial and technical information, other business registration items or articles together in a predetermined needs of business Tigerair Taiwan Ltd. and other purposes, collect and use within the scope of the foregoing objects of personal information you provide as follows. We assure you that we won’t disclose your data to other parties under unnecessary without your agreement. However, for the arrangements of your trips, transaction procedures, or the demand on flight arrangements, after you click on accepting this Privacy Policy Statement, we may disclose your personal information to Tigerair Taiwan’s relating enterprises and partners (include but not limited to Tiger Airways Group and other cooperating airlines, hotels, airports, travel agencies, transportation, or other journey associated provider that relates to your itineraries).

  1. Personal Details: Includes but is not limited to email address, the name (Chinese and English), title, sex, date of birth, I.D. Card number, passport number, passport’s date of expiry, nationality, contacts (address and phone number).
  2. Transaction Details: Includes but is not limited to credit or debit card number, date of expiry, card holder’s name, voucher redeem account.
  3. Application Behavior: Includes but is not limited to clicking behavior among Tigerair Taiwan’s website, advertisements, notification emails, and preferences of purchased items.

  1. Tigerair membership
  2. Book or purchase any Tigerair Taiwan’s product and services through every possible channel.
  3. All marketing and promotional events relates to Tigerair Taiwan.
  4. Tigerair call center or other customer services portal.
  5. Airport operation site.
  6. Other activities that will ask for your additional agreement before data collecting.

Query, review, update, or ask for duplications.

If you wish to exercise these actions with regard to your own personal information, you can login you Tigerair membership on Tigerair Website, or you can contact your Tigerair booking or product purchasing channel.

For further handling, please contact us by the methods listed below this page.

Withdrawal of consent

If you wish to request for a discontinue collection, stop processing, stop be used of, or a deletion with regard to your own personal information, please contact us by the methods listed below this page. After some verification with your data, we will process it as soon as possible; while please be noted that we may preserve some critical transaction data to comply with the statutory review purposes.

Your data may be transmitted to our data storage devices setting up in other country, or our third-party partners to perform services for you, including hotels or tour operators. The transfer of your personal data is intended only to fulfill the contract.

We can only assure your personal data well protected within the scope of Tigerair Taiwan websites. To provide you with more information, we might contain links to other sites that’s not owned by Tigerair Taiwan. Please note that this statement does not cover such other sites. We recommend you to read their specific policies in advance.

Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right to revise this privacy policy statement anytime and renew this web page.

This website shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with Taiwan (R.O.C.) Law. The Taipei District Court is the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.

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