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Tigerair Taiwan self-improves the level of protection to ensure the safety of passengers and employees on board

Issued at: 29-03-2020

Updated at: 09-04-2020、05-02-2021


In line with the Central Epidemic Control Center's (CECC) press conference on yesterday, 28 March, it was stated that the airlines must adjust their epidemic prevention especially for crew members in order to enhance their prevention. Tigerair Taiwan will follow up the relevant operating instructions and further improve the level of self-protection to ensure the safety of passengers and employees is described below.


Cabin epidemic prevention

Tigerair Taiwan takes epidemic prevention and reducing the risk of infection as the highest guiding principles, and has now completely stopped the provision of in-flight magazines, sales of duty-free goods, in-flight catering and other services. In addition, starting from 1 April, in accordance with the requirements of the CECC, all crew members will not only wear facemask and waterproof gloves but also be equipped with safety goggles and disposable isolation gown to ensure the safety of passengers on board.


Onboard toilet diversion

Tigerair Taiwan has been deployed in advance since 25 March to implement on-board toilet shunting. The onboard shunt is used to control the movement of crew members and passengers to reduce the possibility of cross infection.


Crew prevention work

Before each duty, the captain will confirm all crew members have no discomfort and the forehead temperature must be below 37.5 ° C. Each flight operates as turnaround trip without overnight stay and crew members won’t leave the aircraft as well as cooperate with the CECC’s instruction. The aircraft is equipped with alcohol disinfectant for disinfection. In addition, the shifts of the crew members are arranged more than 5 days for self-health management.


Aircraft disinfection

All Tigerair Taiwan aircraft applies a professional aviation disinfectant (Calla 1452 or Ardrox 1820) to fully disinfect the cabin after each flight. Apart from the normal disinfection procedures, the tray table, armrest, overhead compartment, and toilet are focus clean targets in order to minimize infection risks.


Airport counter epidemic prevention

All front-line ground staff have been wearing facemarks and waterproof gloves as well as be equipped with an exclusive epidemic prevention package, which includes a bottle of alcohol, facemask, waterproof gloves, and safety goggles some sort of simple protective equipments. These stuff can be supplemented at any time. Tigerair Taiwan will also complete the setting of clear acrylic partition at checkin counter in order to reduce close contact and droplet transmission for decreasing the risk of infection.


Anti-epidemic measures that passengers shall cooperate with while flying with Tigerair Taiwan:

  1. If you have a fever, upper respiratory tract symptoms, or suspected symptoms, please do not take the flight.
  2. Starting from check-in counter until the whole journey is completed, all passengers need to wear facemask.
  3. All passengers need to measure forehead temperature, if it is over 37.5°C or who is not able to cooperate in this policy, Tigerair Taiwan has the right to cease the carry service.
  4. Tigerair Taiwan will offer 75% alcohol for passengers’ headwashing. Also, each passenger will receive a piece of alcohol whip for inflight disinfection.
  5. Passengers can also bring some gloves, hand-washing sanitizer (less than 100ml), alcohol wipes, etc. to protect personal heath while traveling.
  6. After boarding, please do not change seats by yourself.
  7. During the flight, if you have any symptoms of illness, please inform the cabin crew and cooperate with the following seat arrangement as well as the related epidemic prevention.
  8. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands; after going to the toilet, you should wash your hands with soap or hand wash thoroughly.


Tigerair Taiwan is committed to ensuring the safety of each passenger and the health of all front-line staff. We continuously adjust our services in response to the CECC's latest policy. Thereby, we improve our epidemic prevention at any time, your understanding and cooperation are invited.