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Tigerair Taiwan's current flights status

Issued at: 12-10-2019

Owing to typhoon impact and because of passengers’ safety, there will be rolling delays to Tigerair Taiwan’s flight on 13-October. The affected flights are listed as below:

  • IT200/IT201 Taoyuan-Tokyo(Narita) are cancelled,
  • IT216 Taoyuan-Tokyo(Haneda) will depart late at 21:55 and new flight code is IT9216,
  • IT217 Tokyo(Haneda)-Taoyuan will depart late at 03:00 of 14-October and new flight code is IT9217,
  • IT218 Taoyuan-Ibaraki will depart late at 11:30, and
  • IT219 Ibaraki-Taoyuan will depart late at 17:00.

The affected flights on 12-October are listed as below:

  • IT202/IT203 Taoyuan-Tokyo(Narita) are cancelled,
  • IT268/IT269 Kaohsiung-Nagoya are cancelled,
  • IT280 Kaohsiung-Tokyo(Narita) will depart early at 06:35,
  • IT281 Tokyo(Narita)-Kaohsiung will depart early at 10:50,
  • IT200 Taoyuan-Tokyo(Narita) will depart early at 05:35,
  • IT201 Tokyo(Narita)-Taoyuan will depart early at 12:00,
  • IT210 Taoyuan-Osaka(Kansai) will depart early at 03:15,
  • IT211 Osaka(Kansai)-Taoyuan will depart early at 07:50,
  • IT220 Taoyuan-Osaka(Kansai) will depart late at 05:00 of 13-October and new flight code is IT9220,
  • IT221 Osaka(Kansai)-Taoyuan will depart late at 09:35 of 13-October and new flight code is IT9221,
  • IT206 Taoyuan-Nagoya will depart early at 05:00,
  • IT207 Nagoya-Taoyuan will depart early at 09:45,
  • IT214 Taoyuan-Okayama will depart early at 09:00, and
  • IT215 Okayama-Taoyuan will depart early at 13:25.

※The time is shown all in local time as 24H.

The flights status might be changed anytime, it is strongly recommended that all passengers should check the most updated flight schedule through the webpage ( in anytime.