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Information regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Tigerair Taiwan’s Precaution of against the COVID-19

Tigerair Taiwan is taking the precaution of preventing the COVID-19. Starting from 28 January 2020, Tigerair Taiwan adjust the inflight service and objects on to/from Macau routes in order to reduce the times of direct close contact with passengers as well as bring down the infection through repeatable inflight objects. Our precaution is including, aircraft coming back from Macau will change seats’ head-cover, inflight magazine is not providing, and no inflight duty free service. There is only safety card and clean bag in seats pocket. Furthermore, all cabin of aircraft, which is coming back from Macau, is conducting disinfection, the range is including tray table, armrest, and overhead compartment, in order to minimize infection risks as well as remain staff and passengers health.