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  • adult
    12+ years
  • children
    2 - 11 years
  • infant
    7 days ~ < 2 years
  • Adults
    12+ years
  • Children
    2 - 11 years
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special requirement

Passengers as pregnant women

A pregnant passenger shall take the initiative to keep us informed by phone of the expected of confinement (EDC) and the number of pregnant weeks after the booking process. A pregnant passenger is reminded to note a few key points enumerated below:

  • For safety reason, we DO NOT provide service for passengers in 35 or more weeks of pregnancy. Please take your EDD and weeks of pregnancy into account before buying ticket.
  • Passengers in 30-34 weeks of pregnancy shall present their Airworthiness certificate by qualification doctors.

Cordial suggestions from Tigerair Taiwan:

  • The airworthiness certificate (certificate for fitness to fly) shall be issued within seven (7) days before scheduled takeoff as the latest. Please provide both Chinese and English versions (English version preferential).
  • Please carry the airworthiness certificate (certificate for fitness to fly) with you throughout your entire journey ready to meet a potential need for audit in all circumstances.
  • Whenever a passenger is found having willfully concealed pregnant fact or physical and mental conditions and, as a result, adversely affects a Tigerair Taiwan flight segment and incurs a cost (including but not limited a transit landing, a claim for the delay), Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right to claim according to law.

Taking the very date of travel as the base day for calculation. Definition of terminology:

  • Newborn infant: Less than 7 days old from birth.
  • Infant: From 7 days old below 2 years old
  • Child : From 2 years old below 12 years old
  • Adolescent : From 12 years old below 15 years old
  • Teenager: From 15 years old below 18 years old
  • Adult: Over 18 years old

Pursuant to the provisions enumerated below, Tigerair Taiwan does not accept an child below 15 years of age for boarding.


  • In the event where his or her parent or guardian is filling out and signing a disclaimer, at the boarding counter, Tigerair Taiwan accepts a minor in age between 12 and 15 for boarding. If the parent or guardian could not be at station, the trustee's information of departure and arrival station are required to be fully filled out in the indemnity form. The trustee shall present his or her identification for receipt of the minor at arrival station. In such an event, his or her parent or guardian (or trustee of departure and arrival station) shall stay at the airport until the minor's flight takes off.
  • An unaccompanied passenger in age from 15 below 18 shall present all valid supporting certificates as required. The aforementioned requirements are subject to adjustment from a country and another pursuant to the laws currently prevalent regarding travel by an unaccompanied child. Toward such a child, Tigerair Taiwan provides no pickup services or specific facilities
  • Tigerair Taiwan takes pleasure in accepting children below 14 years of age in groups (e.g., a group of ten or more children) provided, that a group of ten children should be accompanied by a minimum of one adult. Under such circumstances, the term “adult” as set forth herein denotes a passenger in age of 18 or older. We cordially suggest to such passengers to consult with our Customer Service Center beforehand so as to obtain all information and data in full.


  • A child below 12 years of age shall be accompanied by a passenger above 18 years of age. That passenger above 18 years of age is supposed to assume the responsibility and obligation for the minor passenger in full.
  • A child over 2 years old shall take one seat in the entire flight segment and calls for payment of the ticket, tax and fee in full amount.
  • Each child is entitled to checked or hand-carry for one baby stroller for free (please read hand-carry stroller regulations).
  • Children below the age of 12 are unable to purchase tickets from the official website on their own. They must make their purchase at the customer service center, and a service fee will be charged for the booking. For those who have bought their ticket(s) via the official website: To ensure a smooth boarding experience, please be sure to make any required amendments at the customer service center, top up the fare difference if necessary, and settle the service fees as charged per customer service center guidelines.


  • Subject to the restriction of safety rules, each flight may only accommodate ten infants as the maximum limit.
  • For an infant passenger below two years old, an infant ticket shall be purchased. In the event where an infant should be held on the laptop, please refer to the link forTable of Fees for details. (An adult passenger above 18 years old may take only one infant maximum).
  • Each infant is entitled to checked or hand-carry for one baby stroller for free (please read hand-carry stroller regulations) but is not entitled to any free checked baggage allowance.
  • If the infant is 2 years old before the return journey, the returning flight sector will be deemed as the child and must pay for the corresponding flight ticket fares, taxes, fees, and charges (it is recommended to contact the customer service center to assist with the booking). Tigerair Taiwan might requires you to provide official documentation of age. Please prepare a valid ID for inspection.
  • A baby chair within the specified dimensions may be carried into the cabin. A passenger who intends to carry a baby chair into the cabin shall apply to the Customer Service Center to purchase one more seat extra and pay for that seat at an adult ticket rate five (5) days prior to scheduled takeoff.
    • Stroller regulations:
      • If the folding stroller meets the size of hand baggage after folding, then it allows to be placed in the cabin compartment and count separately with the hand baggage weights limitation.
      • Folding stroller should be placed in the cabin compartment with the wheels facing upwards to avoid sliding.
      • If the cabin compartment does not have enough space to place the stroller, you will be asked to follow the instruction of ground staff to ship your stroller by checking-in.
    • Child Safety Seat regulations:
      • A child safety seat in use is not deemed as a piece of hand luggage during flight. Besides, for the safety sake, a child safety seat in use shall not be assigned in the first row to prevent a potential risk to the child in case of inflation.
      • A child safety seat not in use shall be either checked or deemed as a piece of hand luggage.
    • Tigerair Taiwan accepts duly certified child safety seat.
      • United Kingdom (UK) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
      • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America as meeting the Technical Standard Order TSO-C100b; or seats that have two markings: This Restraint is Certified for Use in Motor Vehicles and Aircraft" in red lettering and "This seat conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
      • European Safety Standard requirements of United Nations ECE Regulation 44 (UN/ECE 44)
      • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) No. 213 entitled "Child Restraint Systems" or CMVSS No. 213.1 entitled "Infant Seating and Restraint Systems"
      • Australian/New Zealand design standard AS/NZS 1754 for infant car seats.
    • Please refer to the certified logos below:


Newborn infant

  • Under any and all circumstances through fair and foul, Tigerair Taiwan accepts no infant less than seven (7) days old to board Tigerair Taiwan.

Whenever you intend to purchase the neighboring seat(s) (to make your flight segment more comfortable), please contact our Customer Service Center .

When you book an additional seat, fees will be charged per Customer Service Center's current day pricing. Please be cordially reminded: You are not provided with privilege for additional carry-in luggage or checked luggage when you purchase additional seat(s).

Where rational, feasible and satisfactory Tigerair Taiwan policy, we take pleasure providing help and support to passengers to meet the substantial needs. Within availability of the limited resources, we assure respect toward your dignity and wholehearted effort to fulfill your need.

Whenever you feel in need of a specific help or support while flying Tigerair Taiwan, please contact us through our Customer Service Center during the booking process. You are advised to keep us informed of your specific need five(5) days prior to scheduled takeoff under any and all circumstances to enable us to make thoughtful arrangement. In certain circumstances where you do not inform us of your specific need five(5) days in advance, we might be unable to render relevant services and you might even run the risk of being denied from boarding

A passenger in a specific need shall prove satisfactory to the requirements enumerated below before being accepted with a boarding pass: A passenger who intends to travel alone:

  • Where he or she proves capable of managing medicine without a need for help.
  • Where he or she proves capable of eating, drinking without a need for help.
  • Where he or she proves capable of going to the toilet without a need for help.

Whenever a passenger proves inconsistent with the aforementioned requirements in full, he or she indispensably calls for a caretaker/accompanier. His or her caretaker shall be age of 18 and above and capable of helping passenger and his or her individual need in case of an emergency either on ground or during flight

※ For the safety sake, Tigerair Taiwan sets certain restriction upon the number of passengers with specific needs in each flight. Tigerair Taiwan cannot assign a passenger with specific need at a seat by the emergency exit.


Other than the regular luggage quota, a passengers with specific needs is entitled to carry his or her wheelchair, free of extra charge. He or she shall, nevertheless, check his or her wheelchair at the check-in counter.

An electric wheelchair shall have its battery(ies) consistent with the specified specifications.

Under the specifications governing occupational health and safety rules, no wheelchair in excess of 30 kg is acceptable unless it can be disassembled into several packs while the aggregate total weight after disassembling shall not exceed 30 kg. maximum.

If you need to use the wheelchair in the airport, please contact our customer service staff at least 48 hours prior to departure. In order to ensure that our service can satisfy your actual condition, our staff may ask you some questions. (For example: Can you move on your own without any assistances? How far can you walk? Can you climb up or walk down the stairs without any assistance? Please provide information about your wheelchair)

  • Passengers who have booked a wheelchair can contact our staff to get the wheelchair when they arrive at the airport. Passengers can also use their own wheelchairs to get to the boarding gate.
  • Passengers who use electronic wheelchairs should consign the electronic wheelchairs when checking in at the airport.
  • Our company provides general wheelchairs for boarding. We provide the same service at arrival destination. Our company will provide free wheelchair consignment service to passengers who bring their own wheelchairs, regardless of whether they are manual or electronic wheelchairs (However, an electric wheelchair shall have its battery consistent with the specified specifications, please contact with our call center). Since the domestic and international airport facilities and statute of limitations are different, if your wheelchair is unable to be delivered to the boarding gate from the apron by the time of arrival, we will deliver it to the baggage claim area.

TigerairTW E-WCHR or mobility device notice:

If you would like to arrange E-WCHR (Mobility device) handling, please click HERE for more information.

Please phone our Customer Service Center five(5) days prior to the scheduled takeoff about whether you call for aircraft-side lift services or help for boarding with a wheelchair.

In the event that you carry your own wheelchair but call for usher guidance (for the distance between the check-in counter and the boarding gate), please contact our Customer Service Center and additionally choose "Meeting support services"

Aircraft-side lift

Where a passenger-loading bridge might be unavailable in a certain airport, Tigerair Taiwan might have to arrange aircraft-side lift beforehand to facilitate your boarding process. Whenever you feel in need of aircraft-side lift, please phone our Customer Service Center five(5) days prior to scheduled takeoff.


Under no circumstances shall a stretcher be acceptable to a Tigerair Taiwan cabin.

Bone fracture

A passenger with a bone fracture fact calls for a doctor certificate to prove fitness to fly before being accepted for the flight.

A passenger wrapped with plaster at a thigh above the kneel shall be required to buy three neighboring seats.

Attention please: The wrapping plaster shall be appropriately segmented at least 48 hours prior to scheduled takeoff to permit the wrapped part to inflate.

Visual impairment

A passenger with visual impairment problem is permitted to fly Tigerair Taiwan but shall be accompanied by a caretaker for the safety sake.

Please contact Customer Service Center five (5) days prior to scheduled departure to enable Tigerair Taiwan to make sure of your need, including:

  • A need for help in seat assignment.
  • To provide presentation of personal safety.
  • To check, confirm and unpack meals amidst flight.

The "cabin layout floor plans" and "safety guide illustrations" in braille edition are additionally available from Tigerair Taiwan flights. Please feel free to ask the flight attendants while in need

Where you are in need to be accompanied with a guide dog.

A guide-dog is normally acceptable to Tigerair Taiwan for the international route flights except Tigerair Taiwan flights on Taipei-Macao route because of quarantine concern.

A Tigerair Taiwan passenger who is to be accompanied with a guide-dog in-flight is requested to contact our Customer Service Center five (5) days prior to scheduled departure. .

Hearing impairment

A passenger with hearing impairment is permitted to fly Tigerair Taiwan alone.

A passenger who travels alone shall be the one capable of taking good care of his or her personal need, including going to the toilet, taking care of his or her medicine, eating and drinking well by himself or herself without any need for help.

Basic life support (BLS) medical facilities (armarium)

Subject to approval by Tigerair Taiwan, a passenger may carry "conditionally restricted hazardous articles acceptable to in-flight, consistent with IATA regulations, and consistent with the restriction of checked luggage, into a Tigerair Taiwan flight.

Please be sure to apply through our Customer Service Center five(5) days prior to scheduled departure so that the documents necessary for approval may be obtained.

Injection syringes for medical need

Where a passenger has to carry an injection syringe into the flight cabin due to medical-care consideration (e.g., a diabetes patient), he or she is required to present medical certificate as appropriate (e.g., diagnosis certificate issued by a doctor) during the boarding process and immigration & customs check process.

Please carry on such papers throughout the flight without being packed into checked luggage

A passenger should be in physical fitness to fly before being accepted for a Tigerair Taiwan flight.

A passenger who is critically diseased or suffering from a communicable disease or who has recently received a surgical operation is advised to consult with our Customer Service Center for more information about boarding a Tigerair Taiwan flight.

If you fall in a situation amidst those mentioned above, please present a diagnosis certificate issued by a doctor or a paper of equivalent validity.