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Q.How to book through Internet?

Please browse Tigerair Taiwan's official website www.tigerairtw.com, fill in your travel information and search the flight number optimal to you. The Tigerair Taiwan website will guide you to proceed with a few very simple steps to complete your booking process.

Q.Am I entitled to purchase a Tigerair Taiwan "IT" ticket without allocated time limit?

Sorry. Tigerair Taiwan is not in a position to provide you with a flight ticket without allocated time limit or without a specified date.

Q.Then am I entitled to purchase a Tigerair Taiwan open-jaw ticket?

Yes, please select “multi-city” to enter the schedule you would like to purchase and continue the booking process.


Payment process

Q.What sorts of credit cards are accepted?

Tigerair Taiwan accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB credit cards.

Q.If the payment status appears "on waiting", how can I make sure whether the payment is successful without double deductions from payment?

If you do not receive reservation code and the itinerary, you may consult with Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center to check and verify whether your reservation is successful. If your itinerary indicates a successful reservation but on the waiting list for payment, please consult with your issuing bank while Tigerair Taiwan will, as well, inquire into your payment state. When your reservation is confirmed unsuccessful, Tigerair Taiwan will advise you to make payment anew.

Q.Why was my reservation unsuccessful? Why the error messages jump out all the time?

Your browser setting might make you unable to use Tigerair Taiwan's official website. Please check and verify that your system is consistent with the setting enumerated below:

  • The supportive operation system (OS): Windows 98、Windows 2000、Windows XP、MAC OS 9.0 Or the higher version
  • Supportive browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 Or the higher version、Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Or the higher version
  • Setting:
    • Monitor resolution (dots per inch DPI): 1024x768 Pixel
    • Javascript: Permit
    • Cookies: Permit

Q.The webpage freezes during my payment process. What should I do? How can I make sure whether my reservation and payment are successful?

First of all, please consult with Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center to check and verify that your purchase order (reservation record) is successful. If not completed yet, please check with your issuing bank whether the payment is successful. Besides, you may re-login Tigerair Taiwan's official website to inquire reservation anew.

Q.Why is my credit card transaction refused? I've consulted with my issuing bank. The bank advises me that it has not yet received the request for account transfer from your company.

The payment authorization comes from your issuing bank and beyond control of Tigerair Taiwan. There might be a few reasons leading to rejection of payment by your credit card. Under the confidentiality clause by and between the issuing bank and the cardholder, Tigerair Taiwan might not be informed of the exact cause. We'd, therefore, like to advise you to consult with your issuing bank about the exact cause. If your purchase order (reservation record) has been completed.

Q.The system freezes before I complete the reservation process. I was advised to contact the Customer Service Center which, nevertheless, had been closed anyway. At the moment when I was able to contact the Customer Service Center, the ticket price had risen. Weren't I qualified to buy the ticket at the rate when I first tried for reservation?

The prices offered through the Tigerair Taiwan official website are floating in real time. Tigerair Taiwan is, therefore, unable to offer you a pastime price.

Q.Where your official website does not expressly instruct me to click the box of promotion, I am unable to obtain the concurrent promotion rate. Am I qualified for the promotion price?

Sales promotions are subject to correspondent specifications and guidelines which you should peruse before purchase. Whenever you feel questionable or dissatisfied with the price of chosen ticket, you have the option to buy or not at your discretion before you confirm submittal of payment. Tigerair Taiwan is not in a position to provide you with an overdue promotion price retrospectively.

Q.I completed reservation process quite a while ago. But why haven't I received notification for confirmation yet?

If your reservation proves successful, you will notice the confirmation page at the last stop of your reservation process. You may either store or print that page as a proof. Besides, please check and verify that you have input accurate e-mail address. Where the system is busy, it might take over 6 hours before the itinerary is automatically submitted to you. You may, as well, check the "junk mail" box or consult with Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center to help confirm. Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility for a delay incurred by the e-mail service provider.

※ Please note: All amounts are provided for reference only. Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right to amend the amounts anytime.

Q.What are tax and additional charges meant?

Including relevant service charges (airport tax) charged by the government and airport, administrative managerial fees and war risk surcharges.

Q.What are government taxes meant (i.e., airport tax and airport service charges?)

The government taxes are exit or landing tax levied by an airline company for and on behalf of the government authority. The rates of such government tax vary fro country to country. Such taxes are on some occasion not collected by an airline company but paid at the point of exit.

Q.What is the passenger service fee?

Such fees charged by an airport administration from airline companies to be used for services by the airport terminals, runways, accidental services and security services.

Q.What are the handling charges for services rendered with help by the Customer Service Center?

A passenger may complete lots of procedures by logging in to the manage booking, like such procedures after completion of reservation, including additional purchase for luggage, meals, seat selection, change in the passengers' passport informations. All such services are rendered free of charge. Where you choose such services through the Customer Service Center crew, you are required to pay NT$200 handling charge for each phone call.

For all relevant expenses of Tigerair Taiwan, you may click this link for details.

Q.Why I have been charged Foreign transaction fee?

The currency of ticket fare are base on departing country (For example, the schedule from Tokyo NRT to TPE will charge in JPY...). If you pay in foreign currency might be charged additional Foreign transaction fee, it will be 1.2%~2% of total paid amount. Foreign transaction fees include the credit card international organization fee and the issuing bank required operating fee. Please contact with your credit card issuing bank for further inquiries. 


Q.How to look into the itinerary of your booked flight?

Please simply click the homepage of Tigerair Taiwan's official website "manage booking" and input reference number and name of passenger.

Change flight

Q.How shall I change my reservation?

A change in flight must be completed four (4) hours prior to the scheduled takeoff. For that, you shall pay the change fee and difference in the ticket.

Please reschedule your flight in two methods enumerated below:

  1. Online change. Please browse the homepage of Tigerair Taiwan and click "manage booking".
  2. Please phone Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center (Tigerair Taiwan will charge relevant handling charge).

At the moment through Tigerair Taiwan's official website, you may only reschedule your flight date. For a change in passenger name, please consult with Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center. Please understand if your change of flight schedule lead to original purchase of in-flight meal and seat selection can not be provided. It is deemed to giveup and Tigerair Taiwan will not refund.

Q.Why can't I change flight information within four(4) hours before scheduled takeoff?

Tigerair Taiwan must be given time required for the process before takeoff. This rule helps Tigerair Taiwan assure punctual takeoff.

Q.Can I change my flight into a ticket on an unscheduled date?

Well, not possible. Tigerair Taiwan does not provide a ticket on an unscheduled date. You should choose a new flight date and a new flight four hours before scheduled takeoff and pay for the relevant fee for the change.

Q.May I change my seat to another flight of lower ticket price?

The system will automatically search for you another flight of same or higher priced ticket. When a different flight is lower priced, Tigerair Taiwan does not refund the differential gap. Besides, you shall pay the fee for the reservation change.

Q.Where I have purchased round-trip tickets but did not use the ongoing flight due to a certain reason. May I use the return trip ticket? Or for my return trip, may I change the flight itinerary?

Yes, no problem. Tigerair Taiwan does not restrict you from using an electronic ticket in the subsequence but you may use only a flight on that day. Any and all changes shall be completed four hours before scheduled takeoff. For relevant charges, please refer to the link(s).


A change in passenger's name

Q.How much should I pay for a change in passenger's name?

Amendment/Correction of name are charged per person per PNR. You should pay for the difference if the post-change ticket is priced higher but you get no return of the difference if the post-change ticket is priced lower. For relevant fees, please refer to the link(s).

Q.Why should I pay for the difference of the ticket where I have paid for change in the passenger's name?

This policy is intended to assure passengers to obtain the bargain prices offered by Tigerair Taiwan to prevent a willful person from holding a bargain ticket and reselling it at a higher price.

Q.May I change the passenger's name for only one or several flight segments among my reservation?

No. You are not allowed so. Tigerair Taiwan does not accept application for change in the name of a passenger who has partially used or waived a flight segment. For instance, after you purchase round-trip ticket, you may not change the passenger's name only for the return trip.

Additional purchase

Q.Is there a ceiling limit in weight quota for upgraded checked luggage?

No limit for your applications for luggage upgrades. The maximum Luggage Upsize™ luggage, nevertheless, is calculated based on every flight segment for every passenger (Please refer to the link for Table of Fares for details). Where your luggage proves in excess of the weight limit (The limit is remarked on your passenger itinerary), Tigerair Taiwan will charge you for every kilogram. Where the checked luggage weighs is below your advance purchase, Tigerair Taiwan does not refund for the difference.

Q.May I consolidate luggage weight with my fellow traveler?

Yes, but only for a fellow passenger within a same purchase order (reservation record) and all such fellow traveler(s) must check in simultaneously with you in one package (subject to the group reservation rules in case of group reservation). Besides, the luggage quota shall not be consolidated or transferred. Please note: Luggage in any single piece shall not exceed 30 kg. maximum.

Q.May I carry checked baggage more than one piece?

Yes, you may carry more than one piece of checked luggage. But in all cases, the aggregate total weight of luggage shall not exceed Luggage Upsize™ quota you purchase. Any luggage in excess of your chosen Luggage Upsize™ shall be charged for every kilogram at the current rate quoted in the currency prevalent at the departure airport.



Q.May I change the selected meals or chose seat?

No. You are not allowed so. This is same for all additional services and fares. You are not allowed to change once you confirm and complete payment. If you still change, the system will confiscate your original payment. You shall pay for the expenses anew.

Q.May I change the quota of the checked luggage I have selected?

Yes. No problem. You may purchase additional checked baggage upwardly in installments and you are only required to make up the differential gap. If you amend your checked luggage quota downward, the system will automatically confiscate the differential gap and won't return the differential gap to you. For relevant fees, please refer to the link(s).

Q.How shall I purchase or change my checked luggage quota?

You may purchase additional checked luggage quota at the same time during the reservation process. If you do not purchase so during the reservation process, you may all right purchase additional quota online through Internet or by phoning Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center four hours before scheduled takeoff. If you do not purchase any checked luggage quota at all, you may, as well, purchase 15 kg. luggage quota at the check-in counter at the airport. For luggage in excess of 15 kg. Tigerair Taiwan will charge you for every kilogram at the rates varying from flight segment to another flight segment. For relevant fees, please refer to the link(s).

Q.Where I cancel my travel program, may I claim a refund?

Tigerair Taiwan holds a no-refund policy. Once you complete the confirmation for your reservation, the ticket becomes null and void if you do not board the flight. But you may apply for refund of the airport tax for the flight segment that you do no use. Please click this LINK. For those bookings not booked on Tigerair Taiwan's website, please contact your travel agency for further assistance. Travel agenycy tax refund please click here.

Q.Where I decide to cancel a planned trip, how much may I apply for refund of the tax and surcharge?

Where you decide to cancel a planned trip, you may apply for a refund of the tax levied by the airline company on behalf (e.g., airport tax). For that, nevertheless, Tigerair Taiwan (IT) will charge you the handling charge for the refund (or other terminology as prevalent locally) to pay for the administrative fee and bank handling charge so incurred for refund. Please refer to the LINK to the fees for more details.

Q.Why can I apply for refund of certain tax but not all taxes enumerated on the itinerary in full?

The taxes enumerated on the itinerary include numerous items. You may apply for refund of certain items which are not payable to the government authorities after your cancellation. Other taxes like administrative management fee and insurance surcharge are not refundable anyway.

Q.Why doesn't Tigerair Taiwan provide tax information in all details?

Tigerair Taiwan may keep you informed of the taxes payable to the government authorities and airports. Pursuant to the pricing and advertising guideline policies provided by the competent authorities in charge of aviation and advertising in the countries where Tigerair Taiwan operates, Tigerair Taiwan is not in a position to provide more details.

Q.Where I run into a physical problem, incident in family/occupation, civil services of my country, a call by court, a visa problem, a problem from the Immigration & Naturalization Service and customs check or other unexpected incident, may I cancel my reservation, receive a refund or change contents of my reservation free of charge?

Tigerair Taiwan holds an insistent policy: Under no circumstances shall a ticket of confirmed reservation be refunded. This is a very passengers-friendly policy wherewith we could strictly control our operating costs and benefit passengers with a very affordable budget price. Whenever a passenger misses a flight with confirmed seat as a result of the aforementioned reason or else, Tigerair Taiwan does not grant refund or any compensation for your inconvenience, pecuniary impairment or other impairment so incurred under such policy. You may, anyway, reschedule your flight and itinerary four hours before scheduled takeoff with payment of a charge and differential gap in price.

Q.How shall I apply for a refund as a result of unfortunate death of a passenger before flight?

Where such an unfortunate incident takes place as the passenger dies scheduled takeoff, Tigerair Taiwan grants refund in response to an application with death certificate in a duplicate copy. Should such an incident take place, please contact Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center.

Q.May I apply for a refund in case of acts of God or disaster by nature or force majeure?

In case of acts of God or disaster by nature or force majeure, Tigerair Taiwan will put forth maximum possible efforts to help you fly the next available flight for the same waypoint. Repeat: Under no circumstances shall a ticket of confirmed reservation be refunded.

Q.Where a riot takes place at the destination city of my confirmed Tigerair Taiwan ticket and I don't want to fly there, may I apply for a refund?

Under such circumstances, Tigerair Taiwan will take into account whether the local airport at that destination still operates and the tourist cause launched by the local government there. A passenger is advised to consult with the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for tourist advisory classification or Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center for the latest updates. Tigerair Taiwan, as well, cordially advises you to acquire travel insurance oriented to your need beforehand.

For such specifications on luggage that might affect flight security, please refer to Guidelines of Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan.

Q.What kinds of articles are banned from being carried into a cabin?

Please refer to the guidelines

The government authorities of various countries might impose quite a lot of additional clauses and restrictions. Please consult with your destination airports for their specifications which shall prevail.

Q.Other than terms of prohibited articles, are there any other restrictions upon the articles permitted to be carried onto the cabin?

Please refer to the guidelines

Q.May I carry baby food into my hand luggage? Such baby food is indispensable to my baby inflight.

Generally speaking, milk or baby food in a rational volume necessary for your baby inflight would be acceptable most administrative authorities (e.g., airport, customs, Immigration & Naturalization Service). Please check and verify with such administrative authorities for ambiguity, if any.

Q.Can I bring my favorite food to the cabin and eat it?

We seek your cooperation not to consume the food and drinks that are not purchased onboard. Except for medication or baby care, drinking water is available upon purchase only. Thank you for kind understanding. Tigerair Taiwan has selected a variety of in-flight dining options, you can pre-order the meal 48 hours before departure. More details of tigerbites

Q.May I carry luggage of special dimensions like sporting goods and musical instruments?

Please browse Tigerair Taiwan's official website for more guidelines on fees and baggage.

Q.What should I do when my checked luggage is lost or damaged?

Please refer to the guidelines

Q.what should I do if I left behind items in cabin?

Please fill-in the Declaration form

  1. If you lose your carry-on items “NOT” in the flight cabin of Tigerair Taiwan, please do not fill out this form. You are advised to directly consult with the “Lost & Found” center of the airport in your destination.
  2. Passenger personal items should be kept on their own, we will do best to assist in finding.
  3. If you want to trace the status, please contact our call center after 3 days that you fill in the form.
  4. Please be sure the mobile phone number & email that you provide are correct and allow us to contact you at any time to avoid any other additional loss or operating time.
  5. Do Not repeat fill this form to avoid causing disruptions in your case handling.
  6. To expedite your case processing, please fill out the information in English.