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Member Privilege Program

Welcome to the tigerclub membership application.

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In the future, every ticket fare payment will be converted into the "tigerpath" of your travel records. If you continue traveling with Tigerair Taiwan, your "tigerpath" will continue to accumulate, and we will use your "tigerpath" as the basis for membership grading.

What is tigerpath?


"tigerpath" is the cumulative mileage of your travel with Tigerair Taiwan, and serves as the basis for the upgrade and renewal of your membership.


How is tigerpath calculated: The tigerpath is 1% of your ticket fare.

** The effective day of each tigerpath accumulation is based on the arrival date of your flight, and if your schedule includes a return flight, then the effective day would be the arrival date of your return flight. It is effective within 180 days and would be counted as a legit tigerpath for your level upgrade.


For members who purchase and board regular flights on the international routes of Tigerair Taiwan (please note: PR tickets, employee and family tickets, ZED tickets, group tickets, tickets purchased through travel agencies, and tickets with shared flight numbers will not be eligible for point accumulation), one “tigerpath” point will be accumulated for every NT$100 of the ticket fare, two points for NT$200, .... and so on (excluding additional services such as purchasing checked luggage and onboard meals, local taxes, and booking service fees). tigerpath would be accumulated to the member who boarded the flight, and tigerpath cannot be transferred to or combined with other members' accounts.


The tigerpoints for the first swipe of co-branded cards and event bonuses will not be included in tigerpath accumulation.

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The use of reward bonus

Reward bonus point of 100 or more could be used for redemption of discounts.

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Membership Grade


Conditions for Upgrade


  1. For those who have accumulated tigerpath according to the program and meet the criteria for an upgrade, Tigerair Taiwan will conduct a membership grade review, and complete the review and the membership grade adjustment within 24 hours.
  2. After you pass the review and the membership is successfully upgraded, Tigerair Taiwan will send a membership upgrade notification to your registered account, or you may log in to the membership platform to view your current membership grade.


Validity Periods


  • tigerexpert: Permanently valid.
  • tigerprime: After the upgrade, the tigerprime basic validity period is 180 days, and a renewal will be carried out as follows based on the tigerpath accumulated after the upgrade.


Renewal Condition


After you are upgraded to tigerprime status, any new tigerpath added during the validity period can have the grade extended from the tigerpath addition date onwards.


For example, if you become a tigerprime on January 1, 2023, then the tigerprime status is valid till June 29, 2023; if you add tigerpath (regardless of the points) on April 1, 2023, your new TIGERPRIME grade validity will be extended by 180 days from April 1, 2023 to September 27, 2023.


Therefore, we encourage you to make more use of Tigerair Taiwan as the airline for your next trip, in order to maintain the benefits of your grade.


Please note: If there is no new tigerpath added for more than 180 days, we regret that we have to downgrade you from tigerprime to tigerexpert grade.



Description of Benefits


With the upgrade of your membership, the tigerpoints you receive will also increase in multiples to quickly accumulate the points for your future travel. In addition, you will enjoy the privilege of priority admission to large-scale promotional activities held from time to time.


Your tigerpoints will accumulate in multiples from air ticket purchase rewards, membership upgrades and co-branded card consumption, and each tigerpoint can be redeemed for your airfare and additional service fees, with no upper limit on the discount! The more you travel, the higher the reward!