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Tigerclub Service Clause

With effect on September 26 2017, the Tigerclub Service Clause (hereinafter referred to as “This Clause”) specified the admission to/withdrawal from the membership reward bonus programs, and acquisition of reward bonus, the use of the reward bonus and other benefits of Tigerair Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as “The Company” or “Tigerair Taiwan”).

This Clause may be expressed in different languages as exhibited in websites of relevant languages. Customers may access the official websites of Tigerair Taiwan in different languages and register for membership, but This Clause shall be interpreted in the website of the Chinese language where the version of the Chinese text shall prevail.

Article 1: Definition

  1. “This Program”: refers to the membership reward bonus program whereby members are entitled to reward bonus (to be defined below) when using the service of Tigerair Taiwan under the terms and conditions as defined by Tigerair Taiwan.
  2. “Customers”: refers to the customers bearing valid identification documents or who prepare to purchase flight tickets and services via the official website of The Company.
  3. “Official Website”: refers to the official web pages of The Company exclusive to the official website of Tigerair Taiwan.
  4. “Members”: refers to travelers who have applied to become members of This Program with the approval of Tigerair Taiwan.
  5. “Member ID”: refers to the entitlement to a 10-digit member code assigned by Tigerair Taiwan via its member e-mail after the successful application of the Customers for membership.
  6. “Reward Bonus”: refers to the reward bonus granted in favor of the members after meeting the conditions defined by Tigerair Taiwan. Tigerair Taiwan shall define the specific conditions to be satisfied by members in order to get the reward bonus, the conditions of using the reward bonus and the related rules and regulations.
  7. “Reward Bonus Account”: refers to the account for the accumulation of reward bonus by the members.
  8. “Electronic Voucher Code”: refers to the code generated by the membership system of Tigerair Taiwan on the application of members for using the reward bonus.

Article 2: Application for membership

  1. Customers shall express their agreement with This Clause, the details specified in the official website and the declaration of the privacy rights policy of The Company at the time customers join the membership system via the official website of The Company and apply for membership.
  2. The Company shall review the application for membership submitted by the customers, and will notify the customers of the effective date of membership with the assignment of a Customer ID. Members shall keep the member ID and related information with due diligence.
  3. One person may register for one account only. Please do not repeat an application for membership.
  4. The member ID and the reward bonus shall be exclusive to the member and shall not be assigned, sold, extended or request for cash redemption. Reward bonus shall not be pledged as collaterals. Other limitations shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Tigerair Taiwan.
  5. Customers as young as the age of 2 are eligible to apply for membership. Once the registration for membership is completed, customers could accumulate the reward bonus in the Reward Bonus Account, check the balance of the Reward Bonus Account, or use the reward bonus and proceed to related procedures. If a member is a minor under the age of 7, the parents or mandatory guardian may act on his/her behalf and in the name of the customer in applying for the accumulation of reward bonus or checking the balance of the Reward Bonus Account, and proceeding to related procedures. If a member is a minor from the age of 7 to 20, the application for the accumulation of reward bonus or checking the balance of the Reward Bonus Account and proceeding to related procedures shall be subject to the consent or recognition of the parents or mandatory guardian.
  6. Members shall set a password for their own on the membership management page. Authentication of identity will be made by matching the password if customers wish to access different services (including the application for using the reward bonus). The password shall not be easily identified by simple guessing and should only be known to the customer himself/herself. Members should not disclose the password to a third party, and are advised to change the password at regular intervals to avoid unlawful use by a third party. Under all circumstances, if a third party has stolen the password of a specific customer for unauthorized access to the Reward Bonus Account or used any other means that misled The Company to believe that the user is the customer and converts the reward bonus by fraudulent means, The Company disclaims any responsibility thereof.
  7. Each member may only apply for one Bonus Reward Account, and shall not log on repeatedly from different accounts for the accumulation of reward bonus. The name in English shall be identical with the name shown in the passport. Data in the fields of member name and date of birth, once entered, cannot be changed. For correction of error in member name, present supporting documents to Tigerair Taiwan for evaluation before correction is allowed. Please enter the information on member name and date of birth correctly in flight reservation. If the information on flight reservation is irrelevant with the profile of the member on file, it would not be possible to accumulate the reward bonus to your account. Tigerair Taiwan is unable to change/log on subsequent procedure and disclaims any responsibility thereof.
  8. The reward bonus for each member will be accumulated to its personal Reward Bonus Account. Members shall not request to accumulate their own reward bonus to the Reward Bonus Account of other members.
  9. Tigerair Taiwan may revise or change related rules and regulations at any time where necessary and will notify the members via the e-mail that the respective members had registered for logging on This Program. In case of changes in the e-mail address or any other personal information registered in the membership system, members shall make the corresponding change in the means as required by Tigerair Taiwan. Under all circumstances, if a member cannot update its personal information timely or there is an entry error or setup error (like to dump the e-mail of Tigerair Taiwan as junk mail), to the extent that information from The Company is not deliverable that such member cannot get the reward bonus or delay in receiving the reward bonus, or other negative effects on the customer, Tigerair Taiwan disclaims any responsibility thereof.

Article 1: The acquisition of reward bonus

  1. Reward bonus will be calculated on the basis of the reservation of tickets for Tigerair flights with a departure date beyond September 26 2017 (excluding other shared flights or joint venture flights) purchased from the official website, customer service centers or airport counters of The Company with payment settled, and the bonus will be accumulated in the account with reference to the amount paid for the tickets (excluding the portion of discount from the discount code, the amount paid by voucher, airport and government taxes, duty free items on board the flights, and others not related to the airfare) (Reward bonus will not be granted for tickets purchased or flight reserved through travel agencies, public relation tickets, gift tickets, employee and family tickets, ZED tickets, or any other tickets as defined by The Company).
  2. Members are entitled to reward bonus in accordance with the rules and regulations under the membership Reward Bonus Program. The Company shall announce the proportion, unit and conversion of currencies, applicable services, and other conditions for the reward bonus. In addition, The Company reserves the right to revise the conditions for entitlement to the reward bonus.
  3. If a number of travelers is anticipated for a specific journey, only the amount of airfare paid by the member is valid for the reward bonus.
  4. Infants (under the age of 2) cannot become a member notwithstanding the trip on the flight and the ticket for a baby seat.
  5. Members may query about the reward bonus being granted, and shall file a complaint in writing in the designated format of Tigerair Taiwan within 90 days after the date of boarding. Documents for proof of reservation of flight must be attached to the formal compliant (including the boarding pass of the flight the member claimed to have taken, itinerary/ receipt). If the member cannot file a complaint by the deadline, Tigerair Taiwan disclaims any responsibility in compensation or any other liabilities thereof.

Article 2: Expiration date of the reward bonus

  1. embers are advised to log onto the system for registration for the reward bonus (The reward bonus of the airfare is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of departure. Customers are advised to log onto the system for registration of the reward bonus and use the reward bonus before expiration).
  2. The reward bonus of the airfare is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of departure of the return flight. All bonus points will be void after the expiration date. Tigerair Taiwan will not provide any form of compensation for voiding the reward bonus and disclaims any responsibility thereof.
  3. If the tigerclub points are rewarded by lucky draw opportunity winnings. The due date will be based on the disclosure of the campaign.

Article 3: Application for using reward bonus

  1. Only the member may apply for using the reward bonus. No party other than the member may apply for using (the application by members who are under the age of 7 shall be made by parents or mandatory guardian). Members are advised that application for using reward bonus could be made only at the membership system of the official website of Tigerair Taiwan, not at the customer service centers, airport counters, or travel agencies.
  2. If the identity of a member is authenticated, and the reward bonus has been accumulated to the designated amount, such member may start to apply for using the reward bonus, which will be made in the form of an electronic code for the voucher. The electronic voucher could be used to offset the payment for airfare (new reservation, excluding the payment for making up the difference resulting from the change of status of a ticket, or any other change in the original ticket that a new order is generated), luggage fee, priority check-in, and order of meals in flight cabin. The voucher is also not applicable to payment for duty free items on board the flight, fee for overweight luggage, processing fee, taxes and insurance premium, or any other payment beyond the aforementioned 4 types of payment.
  3. Customers are advised to use the reward bonus before expiration, and shall use the reward bonus within 2 months after the issuance of a voucher code or it will be void without replacement. Customers are not able to use the voucher for the booking with code-share flight. Customers are also advised to confirm application limitation or conditions when using the reward bonus.
  4. Only 1 voucher code could be used for each new reservation and is only good for the member. Members should keep the voucher code properly to avoid missing, theft, damage or any other incidents that may make the code unusable or void. Tigerair Taiwan disclaims any responsibility thereof.
  5. Reward bonus cannot be recovered after using. Members cannot request for refund of the reward bonus. If a member cannot take the flight paid by reward bonus for whatever reasons, or a member elects to cancel the reservation for the flight due to personal reasons, the reward bonus so consumed cannot be recovered and reverted to the Reward Bonus Account of this customer. Under all circumstances, Tigerair Taiwan disclaims any responsibility in compensation or indemnification of the reward bonus that cannot be consumed by the members unless Tigerair Taiwan should otherwise be held responsible for the cancellation of the flight or the delay of the flight for more than 5 hours and other situations that could be justified by the customer.

Article 1: Tigerair Taiwan shall announce the following in compliance with Article 8-1 of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “PIPA”). Customers are advised to read the following carefully for their understanding:

  1. The purpose of collecting personal information: Tigerair Taiwan collects your personal information for the purpose of providing services to the members, account management, marketing and giving special offer and for compilation of statistical data and related research and analysis.
  2. Types of personal information for collection: information for identification, specific feature, family status, social status, employment status, such as: title, name in Chinese and English, ID card number, telephone, mobile phone, fax number, mailing address, sex, date of birth, nationality, e-mail address, passport number, profession and occupation title, name of employer, name of guardian, and personal information.
  3. The duration, geographic region and recipients and means of using personal information:
    • Duration: the period as required for business performance or by law.
    • Geographic region: the regions of service provided by The Company.
    • Recipients: Tigerair Taiwan and its overseas branches, agents, counterparties in business, investigation agencies with legal authority or the governments.
    • Means: any means in conformity to PIPA.
  4. Tigerair Taiwan shall collect, process and reasonably use your personal information in accordance with PIPA and other applicable laws and the privacy right protection policy.
  5. According to Article 3 of PIPA, you are entitled to the following by virtue of the possession of your personal information by Tigerair Taiwan. A production fee may be applicable for such purpose:
    • Make inquiry or request for viewing.
    • Request for providing photocopy.
    • Request for giving supplementary information or making correction.
    • Request for stop collecting, processing and using.
    • Request for removal.
  6. If any of the following is applicable to the collection and use of your personal information under PIPA, Tigerair Taiwan is not obliged to give notification:
    • It is not necessary to give notification under PIPA.
    • It is required by government agencies in law enforcement or the performance of legal obligations by private sector institutions for the collection of personal information.
    • Notification would be an obstruction of law enforcement by government agencies.
    • Notification will cause significant damage to the interest of a third party.
    • The content of notification is known to the parties concerned.
  7. The influence of the failure to provide personal information on rights and privileges: if you decline to provide your personal information per the request of The Company, The Company may not be able to provide you with the opportunity for application as a member or compel to cancel your membership.

Article 2: Due Diligence

Tigerair Taiwan will treat your personal information as vital information in managing This Program, and will be cautious in handling and take the necessary control as required by PIPA with due diligence.

Article 3: Outsourcing of service

Tigerair Taiwan may outsource contractors for providing services for related duties, and shall refer your personal information to the contractors within the scope as permitted by PIPA and as required.

Article 4: Notification of change in personal information

If a member needs to change his/her personal information already registered in the system, proceed to change through the membership management screen of the official website of Tigerair Taiwan, or through any of the customer service centers.

Article 5: Declaration of Information Security Policy

Tigerair Taiwan has declared its Information Security Policy right protection in processing the personal information of customers (including members) further to the requirements in This Chapter. For further information, visit (http://www.tigerairtw.com/en/useful-link/privacy).

Article 1: Withdrawal procedure

Tigerclub member shall request via Tigerair Taiwan’s customer care center. Once the withdrawal procedure is completed, the withdrawal from This Program will be effective.

Article 2: Disqualification of membership/termination of using reward bonus

  1. Tigerair Taiwan shall revoke the membership previously granted to a member if such member acquired reward bonus through unacceptable means or used the reward bonus improperly, acted in violation of This Clause, provided untrue information, acted in malfeasance or engaged in any other activities that will severely jeopardize the trust relation with The Company. In addition, Tigerair Taiwan shall confiscate the reward bonus so accumulated and demand for the reward bonus already redeemed, and decline further participation of this member in This Program or apply for new membership.
  2. Membership and reward bonus are exclusive to a particular member, and will survive the death of a particular member but cannot be succeeded by a third party.
  3. The reward bonus of a member whose membership has been revoked will be void and cannot be applied for use.

Article 1: Responses to fraud

If a specific member acquired the reward bonus through unacceptable means or used the reward bonus improperly, acted in violation of This Clause, provided untrue information or acted in malfeasance, Tigerair Taiwan may claim for the damage depending on the circumstances (including but not limiting to the attorney’s fees for legal service or litigation proceedings) further to the measures specified in Article 2 of Chapter IV. If Tigerair Taiwan acknowledges or discovers the improper use of the reward bonus by a particular member, the member or customer shall pay the amount equivalent to the reward bonus (if the amount is insufficient to cover the loss, Tigerair Taiwan shall claim for the damage thereof).

Article 2: Suspension of This Program

If any of the following is applicable, Tigerair Taiwan shall suspend This Program in whole or in part temporarily without prior notice to the members. Under all circumstances, Tigerair Taiwan disclaims any responsibility of the loss to the members thereof.

  1. Damage or failure of the server, telecommunication lines, or other equipment, or any other reasons that makes The Company unable to provide This Program.
  2. Routine or emergency operations of the system (including the server, telecommunication lines, other power supply equipment and the building harboring the aforementioned items), including maintenance, inspection, repair, and renovation.
  3. This Program is unavailable due to fire or power failure.
  4. This Program is unavailable due to earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami or other forms of natural disasters.
  5. This Program is unavailable due to war, riot, social unrest, civil commotion, strike, labor-management dispute or any other forms of force majeure.
  6. This Program is unavailable under applicable laws or related policies.
  7. This Program is suspected of unjustified use.
  8. This Program must be suspended temporarily due to operating or technical reasons.

Article 3: Notification of termination

  1. Tigerair Taiwan may terminate This Program at any time upon notice. At the termination of This Program, all reward bonuses to members shall be void at once.
  2. Tigerair Taiwan shall give official notice to all members of the termination of This Program 1 month prior to the termination date.

Article 4: Change in This Program

Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of This Program (including but not limited to the reward bonus being granted, the conditions for receiving reward bonus and the conditions for using the reward bonus) at any time without prior notice to the members regardless of any influence on the value of the reward bonus received by the members.

Article 5: The principle of no ex post facto interpretation

The contents and interpretation of all documents related to the clause of This Program and the contents inscribed in the website of Tigerair Taiwan may vary and the contents of the latter shall stand. The contents or interpretation of documents circulated in the past may vary with the updated version of the said documents, the content and interpretation of the updated version of documents shall replace the old version of the documents.

Article 6: Promotion to special group of members

Promotion of reward bonus and other benefits will be targeted towards special group of members as determined by the reward bonus accumulation, place of residence or other conditions of participation in This Program.

Article 7: The right of sending advertising materials and e-mail of promotional nature

Tigerair Taiwan reserves the right to send information on special offers and promotional materials to the members via e-mail. Members may elect to reject communications of this kind by selecting the appropriate item in the membership management screen of the official website of The Company.

Article 8: Governing law and legal jurisdiction

This Clause shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. In the event of a conflict of laws with other countries, the laws under conflict shall be excluded from the application. In the event of a dispute deriving from This Clause, the parties hereto agree to submit the jurisdiction of the first instance to the Taipei District Court of Taiwan for settlement.