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  • children
    2 - 11 years
  • infant
    7 days ~ < 2 years
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  • Children
    2 - 11 years
Product type

Tigerclub Member privilege program

All flights after September 26 2017 are eligible for inclusion in the membership bonus.

Become a memberThe use of reward bonus


of the airfare will be the reward bonus

Reward bonus point of 100 or more

could be used for redemption of discounts.

Tigerclub Service Clause


You may use Facebook, Google+ or enter you e-mail manually for verification. Please fill in and submit your personal information after verification.

※ Attention: your personal information registered in the membership system will be used as cross reference with your information for flight reservations in the future. Any errors will affect your accumulation of reward bonus or to use the reward voucher. Please provide true and accurate information.

  • Fields available for update of information in the membership system: nationality, passport number, expiration date of passport, e-mail of member.
  • Fields not available for update in the membership system: Title, name, date of birth of members. Please fill in the above field carefully, as they cannot be changed once entered. Any changes in these fields shall be deemed as another membership. If it is necessary to make changes, present related documents for proof of change in name for confirmation before any change is permitted. If you need to amend/delete your membership information, please fill in the application form and enclose passport copy. The application will not be accepted if the applicant does not possess all documents.

Passengers at the age of 2 or older are eligible to apply for membership. Infants (aged under 2) are ineligible and will not receive bonuses for taking our flights or purchasing infant tickets.

Only 1 member ID will be assigned to each member. No repeated application if the name in English, and the birthday are identical. Please confirm that you have never applied for a member ID with Tigerair Taiwan with another e-mail account.

  • Member ID: log on the Tigerair Taiwan membership system, click to select membership information for confirmation.
  •  Forgot password: log on the Tigerair Taiwan membership system, click to select FORGET E-MAIL, and enter your e-mail address. You will receive a message in the e-mail through which you can re-set your password.


Reward bonus is set at 1% of my airfare. When the reward bonus is accumulated to 100 points or more, you may redeem for a discount.

  1. Enter your Member ID at passenger detail page. (If you have logged in to member account, it will automatically fill in your passenger information and member ID while booking.)


    Please note: after entering member ID, system will automatically verify passenger's name and birthday match the member informaion. (inc. punctuation)

    Q. How can I get my Member ID?

    Please login into member system and click "Personal information" to get your member ID.


  2. After verifying your Member ID successfully, the Member ID will also be displayed in your itinerary.


  3. The reward point will automatically accumulate into your member account after the flight departured within 24 hours.
  1. After completing the return trip, please manually enter your booking code by clicking “Add Booking Record” under “My Booking Record” in the member system.


  2. The system will verify the data and accumulate the ticket fare in your booking record.
  • This reward bonus program just counts the amount of the airfare you spent excluding applicable tax. Other payments such as luggage fee, payment for meals in cabin, priority check-in, other airport taxes and booking service fee are not counted.
  • You may only count the payment for your own airfare in the system. Other travelers in your company must register for member ID by themselves in order to accumulate their own reward bonus.
  • The amount of the reward bonus program is denominated in TWD. You may pay for your airfare in other currencies. The system will automatically convert relevant foreign currencies into TWD at the time you register your reservation code into the system at the exchange rate of the month.
  • You may have used a discount code or voucher for payment, the amount of airfare will be counted net of the amount covered by discount code or voucher. If your reservation code covers a number of travelers with payment by voucher, the total amount for accumulated will be the total airfare net or the amount in the voucher divided by the number of accompanying travelers (except for infants under the age of 2).
  • Please check if you have entered the correct reservation code. The name and date of birth of the traveler in the reservation code must be identical with the name registered in the system for a successful logon of the system.
  • The reward bonus program is just for reward of tickets purchased from the official website of Tigerair Taiwan and the departure date is no earlier than September 26 2017. If the departure date is irrelevant, or the tickets are in the form of other public relation tickets, employee and family tickets, ZED ticket, group ticket, ticket distributed by travel agencies, code-shared flight with Tigerair Taiwan will not be counted for reward bonus.
  • If the flight you reserved is cancelled before departure for whatever reasons, the reward bonus carried by this flight could not be accumulated.
  • Please enter your reservation code manually after your arrival at the destination. Registration of reward bonus is impossible before the departure of the flight (for round trip tickets, log on the system for registration of your reservation code only after the arrival of the return flight).
No. Reward bonus is exclusive to the member himself/herself only.
Please register the accumulated ticket bonus in the member system within 18 months after the actual departure of a flight in the return trip. Registrations made after the deadline will be rejected. The accumulated bonus will expire within 24 months after the actual departure of the return trip. The bonus will expire after this time and be reset to zero. Tigerair Taiwan makes no representation for compensations of any kind.

You may request for redemption if your reward bonus points are accumulated to 100 or more! 100 points is the basic unit for redemption. Members may redeem 100, 200, 300, and the multiples of 100. Once redeemed, vouchers should be used within 2 months thereafter.

Please note: The member's registered information must be the same as your passport information (including all punctuation). Your name will be verified when adding your Reference Number into the member system or using a reward voucher to make a new booking or to purchase any additional add-on services through Manage My Booking. Please confirm your registered information to avoid any inconvenience.

Determine the value for voucher redemption with reference to your ticketing record in the membership system, and click to select “REDEMPTION” for generation of a Voucher Code. Each booking may only use one voucher serial code, and each voucher serial code is good for one time only. You may select payment by voucher in the menu for reservation of flight or payment for the orders. You are not able to use the voucher for the booking with code-share flight.
No. Reward bonus and voucher redeemed from reward bonus are exclusive to the members in accumulation and use. When using a voucher, the name of the member will be subject to identification. If the voucher is used by a third party, the deduction will be unsuccessful and the voucher may be void. Tigerair Taiwan will be replace or discount on such invalidated voucher.
You may check the status of your reward bonus in the membership system and select the amount of reward bonus for utilization. The system will automatically generate a voucher after your application. The voucher is good for a period of 2 months from the day of generation, and will be void after expiration without replacement.
We are sorry, the voucher redeemed from reward bonus is good for one time, and cannot be cancelled or replaced. If you elect to cancel your flight, the voucher code will be void without replacement. Tigerair Taiwan cannot make any form of compensation. Please refer to the FAQ on cancellation of flight for detail.