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Voucher guideline

  1. You may obtain conversion serial number through Tigerair Taiwan promotion programs.
  2. You may win conversion serial number through the cooperative teammates.

The conversion certificate may be taken for offset.

Ticketing fare

The conversion certificate may not be taken for offset.

Airport tax /fees & charges/ Reservation service charges

Step 1 You may win 17-digit conversion serial number through promotion programs.

Step 2 Please surf Tigerair Taiwan official website (www.tigerairtw.com)to search the date and flight of your desired travel.

Step 3 Please choose the Tigerair Taiwan flight as designated under the conversion serial number and, subsequently, input a variety of information pursuant to instructed procedures.

Step 4 Please choose "Voucher" on the payment page for "payment" and, in turn, input the conversion serial number as shown below. Vouchers may only be redeemed when the [voucher] option appears on the payment page. If the option does not appear, please try again or contact the Customer Service Center for assistance.。

Step 5 here you have a balance to make up for the payment, you may find the choice of unpayment. Please complete the payment process by inputting the credit information.

Step 6 As long as you complete ticket conversion and open ticket use process, you will receive your electronic tour itinerary through your e-mail address.

  • Please use the conversion certificate before the deadline as shown thereon. In the event that a flight on your designed use has been booked in full, please choose a flight on another date (or flight) within the specified time limit.
  • You may use only one conversion serial number for each and every booking record. One conversion certificate shall not be used to offset tax, reservation service charges, checked luggage, in-flight meals, travel insurance, hotel, bus fare, ship fare and such value-added services in two airports.
  • You, a passenger, are supposed to pay for the airport tax, fees & charges and reservation service charges upon reservation and ticket issuance. The sums payable to you include airport tax, fees & charge, handling charge and service charges which shall be paid with your credit card during the ticketing process. You are not able to use the voucher for the booking with code-share flight.
  • The conversion serial number is applicable exclusively to Tigerair Taiwan flights and shall not be resold, transferred. You are not allowed to change a waypoint or claim for refund after a ticket is issued. In case of any change in a flight, the Tigerair Taiwan regulations shall prevail. Tigerair Taiwan reserves the rights of final interpretation and discretion.
  • For more information of conversion of a ticket, please feel free to consult with Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center: +886 2 7753 1088. The Customer Service Center serves you daily during 09: 00-21: 00 ( Customer Service Center renders only consultation services but no service for conversion of a gift coupon).
  • As expressly provided for in Article 88 of the Income Tax Act of the Republic of China and criteria for tax rates of income withholding, a resident of the territories of the Republic of China who wins a prize valued above NT$20,000 (inclusive) shall have 10% to be withheld (i.e., the face value of a ticket, subject to difference in values for various flight routes). "The withholding may be exempted if the tax amount in every withholding does not exceed NT$2,000. In the aggregate total amount paid in an entire year exceeds NT$1,000, nevertheless, the winner shall still declare the income." A winner shall fill out the "receipt of won prize". Please fill out the information of the winner in detail. The tax withholding certificate will be mailed to the winner in February of the ensuing year. If you are not an individual residing inside the territories of the Republic of China or is not a profit-seeking enterprise with fixed business venue within the territories of the Republic of China, a tax 20% shall be duly withheld.
  • This privilege shall not be used in consolidation with another. Each and every conversion serial number is exclusively used by only one passenger within a same booking code.