[NEWS] Tigerair Taiwan X Jetstar Airways Interline Services [click here for details]

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Tigerair Taiwan X T'way Air codeshare information

To provide more options and flexible flight to passengers, Tigerair Taiwan and T’way Air jointly launch the code-share flights from now. Flight information is as follows:

Flight NoRouteFlight operator (check-in counter)Flying dayTake-offArrival
IT 610 TPE-TAE Tigerair Taiwan Tue. Fri. 16:35 19:55
IT 611 TAE-TPE Tue. Fri. 20:45 22:15
IT 6610 TPE-TAE T’way Air Everyday 02:05 5:25
IT 6611 TAE-TPE Everyday 22:40 00:05+1

※ Flights / routes may be cancelled or suspended due to unavoidable circumstances. IT6610 (TW664) / IT6611(TW663) are operated by t’way air, real time flight status subject to official announcement on t’way air website.

※ If you choose to book the code-share flight, you are not able to pay at the convenience store or to use the voucher.


In-flight service information:

ITEMOperate by Tigerair TaiwanOperate by T’way Air
Aircraft A320 B738
Total seats 180 186/189
Carry-on baggage 10KG 10KG
Carry-on baggage rules
Checked baggage On passenger’s request.
Fee chart
Extra checked baggage (Standards fee / on-site payment at the airport only)
Checked baggage rules
In-flight meal On passenger’s request.
Free water supplies.


The flight operate by T’way Air should follow the statements as below:

Fare This fare might different with t'way air.
Reservation close 2 days before departure (local time of departing city)
Check-in counter Passengers using the code-share flights need to proceed the boading procedures at t'way air counter.
Add-on service Baggage Free 10kg carry-on baggage / Free 15kg checked baggage.
Passenger may purchase extra baggage allowance at check-in counter at airport.
In-flight meal Not available
Seat selection Not available
Flight change Code-share flight only available to change to the other IT6610/IT6611 flight 2 days (local time of departing city) before departure. Not allow to change to other flight.
Other Boarding time, in-flight service and checked baggage must follow regulations of t’way air.
Information share If you choose to book code-share flight, it deemed to you agreed part of booking information will be shared to flight operator.