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Privacy Protection Policy

To implement personal data protection and comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of R.O.C. and other relevant personal data protection laws and regulations, Tigerair Taiwan Limited. (Hereinafter referred to as “Tigerair Taiwan,” ‘we” or “us”) establishes this Privacy Protection Policy in order to achieve the privacy and security management of your personal data. Tigerair Taiwan is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data. Please read this Privacy Protection Policy carefully to understand your rights and for your secure use of various services provided by us.


Collection of Customers’ Data

We will collect your personal data through the following methods:

  • Website.
  • Mobile phone APP.
  • Ticket counter.
  • Customer Service Center.
  • Membership application.
  • Online reservation, ticket purchase.
  • Itinerary management, trip service and various add-on services.
  • Airport operation, including seating and luggage service.
  • Use of membership interactive service and provision of membership tourism information.
  • Message transmission service.
  • Online shopping and activities.
  • Marketing service.
  • Customer service.
  • Forms and questionnaire survey.
  • Various types of physical activities.
  • Security surveillance recording system.
  • Others.


To process your services or products, we will collect your personal data from travel agencies providing reservation service for customers, our cooperating partners (affiliates, suppliers or agents providing relevant services), or other third parties participating in the trip arrangement for customers and marketing partners.


We may also collect your personal data from government agencies or public institutions (including but not limited to competent authorities of civil aviation, airport management institutions, entry and exit management authorities, courts and other law enforcement units of the place of departure/destination).


Type of Customers’ Data Collected

Through the aforementioned data collection method, the types of personal data we may collect from you are as follows:

  • Identification of Personal Data:

For example, passport Chinese and English names, appellation, job title, address, work address, previous address, residence telephone number, mobile phone number, instant messenger account, account applied via the online platform, communication and permanent address, photo, fingerprint, email address, signature, electronic signature, data of minor, data of ward, statutory agent, data of guardian, certificate card serial number, certificate serial number, member account data, records provided for online identity certification or application of inquiry service and other data capable of directly or indirectly identifying the data owner (such as customer telephone service audio file, IP address, Cookie), etc.

  • Identification of Financial Data:

For example, number and name of financial institution account, credit card data (including card holder name, credit card number and credit card expiration date) or number of debit card, insurance policy number, other personal numbers or accounts, etc.

  • Identification of Government Data:

For example, national identification certificate number, uniform identification number, tax identification number, insurance certificate number, disability identification number, retirement certificate number, license number, passport number, etc.

  • Personal Description:

For example, age, gender, birth date, birth place, nationality, voice, preferred language, special diet, etc.

  • Details of Other Family Members:

For example, children, dependents, other family members or relatives, parents, cohabitants and expatriate relatives and relatives of P.R.C. citizens, etc.

  • Travel and Other Migration Details:

For example, details related to travel preference, seating, past migration and travel details, foreign passport, residence certificate documents and work certificate and work permit, etc. 

  • Recreation Activities and Hobbies:

For example, hobbies, sports and other areas of interests etc.

  • Occupation:

For example, school principal, public representative, or various types of occupations and businesses.

  • Compensation:

For example, details and amounts of compensation claimed, etc. 

  • Health Record:

For example, medical report, medical treatment and diagnosis record, inspection result, disability type, level, valid period, disability identification number and contact person, etc.

  • Unclassified Data:

For example, emails, files or other relevant data for directly or indirectly identifying individuals necessary for the application of related services that cannot be classified.


A lot of products and services provided by us require the use of your certain personal data. If you cannot provide personal data for specific services or products according to the requirements, please understand that we may postpone or cannot provide the product and services you want. In addition, to enhance the data protection, our website or partial services or products provide medium, and you will be required to provide personally identifiable and confirmed data to enter such website or services and products.


Purpose of Collection of Customers’ Data

The purpose of our collection of customers’ data is to perform contracts, quasi contracts or other legal relationship affairs content between customers and us, to fulfill our legal obligations and to comply with legal and management purposes, to improve customer service quality, to enhance personalized services, to enhance customer management and service, to protect the rights and interests of customers, to perform marking promotion, to establish cyber security and management, to perform survey data statistics and analysis of specific services, to facilitate other customer inquiries and services, to ensure aviation safety and security, to cooperate with other public agencies on the supervisory management of business objectives and to cooperate with agencies with investigation authority or competent authorities according to the laws.


Period, Region, Subject and Method of Use of Customers’ Personal Data

1. Period of Use:

According to the preservation period for the specific purpose of personal data collection, preservation period specified in relevant laws and regulations or contract terms, or preservation period required for our execution of services.


2. Subjects of Use:

We may provide your data collected to our branch offices, affiliates, travel agencies, competent authorities of civil aviation of the place of departure/destination, airport management institutions, entry and exit management authorities, aviation police bureau and other business cooperating institutions, insurance companies and companies having reinsurance business with the insurance companies, other business outsourced institutions, recipients for international transmission of personal data not restricted by the central competent authority of business objective, companies having a cooperative promotion with us, other institutions having a business relationship with us, in order to allow the aforementioned companies and institutions to process data and provide relevant services to you.


When you order or purchase relevant services or products (car rental, hotel, travel insurance or other travel related products, such as local transportation service) not sold by Tigerair Taiwan via the Tigerair Taiwan website, please be aware that since such order or purchase may be made via the transaction platforms of other business operators, the personal data provided by you may be collected by business operators of relevant services or products such that these relevant services or products may then be subsequently provided for your use.


3. Region of Use:

To process and use your personal data, we may transmit your personal data (including international transmission). Your personal data will be used in the domestic and overseas branch institutions of our company (including the destination of your flight and countries requiring data transmission for the international aviation service), locations of branch offices of our company and affiliates of our company as well as domestic and overseas locations of the aforementioned subjects of use.


4. Method of Use:

We will adopt the use method via automatic machines or other non-automatic use methods in compliance with the personal data protection related laws, including but not limited to the method of writing, telephone, text message, facsimile, email, internet network, paper or other appropriate methods based on the purpose of collection and complying with the scientific technologies at that time.


Rights for Customers’ Personal Data

Customers or members may exercise the following rights regarding their personal data in accordance with relevant personal data protection laws and regulations through the website's related functions or by visiting the "Contact Us" section on our official website: (

  • To inquire and review your personal data;
  • To request a copy of your personal data;
  • To request the supplement or correction of your personal data;
  • To request the cessation of the collection, process or use of your personal data;
  • To request restricted processing;
  • To restrict automatic decision making;
  • To request the erase of your data;
  • To request carrying your data out.


After we confirm the identity of the customer or member, we will proceed with such a request immediately. In case the true identity of the data owner cannot be verified, to protect the personal data, please understand that we will not be able to cooperate with your request.


Please be aware that we may collect a service fee from you according to applicable laws for processing your inquiry or request for viewing your personal data or request for providing a copy of your personal data.


In addition, under certain circumstances, we have the right to refuse to allow you to inquire, view, request for a copy of your personal data or to refuse to delete your personal data, and such circumstances include:

  • Where there are requests from agencies or government official units with investigation authority according to the laws;
  • Where your personal data is required to be retained or processed by us due to the handling of any compensation, litigation, non-litigation cases or according to relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Where the condition is determined to be necessary in accordance with the purpose of collection of customers’ data.


Data Analysis and Automatic Decision Making

Data analysis and automatic decision making refer to marketing activities of Tigerair Taiwan and affiliates or other business cooperating institutions. We will use the parts of the aforementioned data, including but not limited to transaction amount and travel itinerary, to obtain specific information in order to observe consumer behaviors. Such information may be transmitted to our service providers to provide quality and customized transactions and various services in a greater extent.


Use of Cookies and IP Addresses

Cookies refer to some short information, including website tracking codes for tracking the visitor volume and use condition of third party’s website advertisement links toTigerair Taiwan's website, written into user’s hard drive by browsers for the web server to read and distinguish user’s different preferences. If you disagree with the use of cookies, you will not be able to use the relevant ticket purchase website or mobile version of the website normally.


IP address refers to the internet address automatically assigned by the internet service provider to a user’s computer. When a user visits the website and mobile version of the website of Tigerair Taiwan, such IP address will be recorded in the server log together with the time of the visit and the visited page at the same time.


Link to Other Websites

Our website content includes links to other websites, and all external websites are associated with their respective and different privacy protection terms. When you leave our website and enter other websites, please be aware of and read the privacy policy terms of other websites. We have no control over and provide no guarantee on any data transmitted to the aforementioned external websites.


Transmission of Email

We obtain your email account according to the “Collection of Customers’ Data.” To provide greater services or preferential interests and rights, emails containing the aforementioned relevant content will be sent to you. Such emails will also indicate that we are the sender of the emails.


Revision of Privacy Protection Policy

We may irregularly revise the content of this Privacy Protection Policy, and the new content will replace the old version for presentation on this website. When we make any major revision to the terms of use of customers’ data, to protect your rights and interests, we will publish an announcement on the website to understand relevant matters.


Data Security Protection

To protect the accuracy of the data collected online, to prevent unauthorized login and to ensure proper use of data, we adopt appropriate electronic management measures, and all data is encrypted for transmission.


Customers’ Self Protection

Please keep your personal data properly without disclosing your personal data to any other parties. After you have completed the procedures of relevant information changes for online ticket purchases, shopping, member contact, etc., please be sure to log out of your account. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, please be sure to close the browser windows and clear the storage data in order to prevent others from collecting and using your personal data. Please purchase our company's services or products via the normal sales channels, such as the website of Tigerair Taiwan and other major travel agencies, to protect your personal consumer rights and interests.


Other Terms and Conditions

Intellectual property rights: For all of the designs, pages, contents (including texts, images, videos, programs, screen arrangement), data, programs, software or technologies used on this website or mobile phone APP, the ownerships of all of the rights and intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, patent rights and trademark rights) thereof shall be vested in Tigerair Taiwan. Unless the publication, prior and written consent of Tigerair Taiwan is obtained, such designs, pages and contents shall not be reproduced, transcribed, modified, publicly broadcast, sold or provided for other unauthorized use or illegal use in any form arbitrarily; otherwise, Tigerair Taiwan may seek prosecution according to the laws and to claim indemnification.


Governing Law and Competent Court

The laws of R.O.C. shall govern disputes and litigations arising from this website, and the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the competent court of the first instance.


*The original content of this privacy protection policy is written in Chinese. If the translation in other languages is inconsistent with the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

*Shall you have any comments or questions about our Privacy Protection Policy and data security protection, please do not hesitate to contact us.