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before flying tigerair taiwan

Guiding notes for check-in process

We start services through the check-in counters and for checked luggage 2.5 hours prior to scheduled takeoff. Please complete the check-in process 45 minutes prior to scheduled takeoff. Whenever you fail to complete check-in process in real-time and is denied from boarding as a result, whatsoever is the reason, Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility for any compensation at all.

IMPORTANT! In order to fulfill the new security requirement of Hold Baggage Screening of Macau airport. The check-in counter at MFM airport is closed 60 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Please complete the check-in procedure before the counter is closed.

4HR~Before arrival at the airport

Before you check in at the airport counter

Please be sure to get ready the supporting documents enumerated below in full:

  • Print the journey confirmation
  • Passport (Please note: The passport must be more than six months valid to prevent you from being denied entry by the country of destination).
  • Valid visa for the destination country (Please make sure of the requirements for visa from the destination country and complete visa application process based on the destination of travel in full beforehand).

Whenever you are denied from boarding because you fail to prepare for the aforementioned papers in full, Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility for compensation at all.

2.5HRCheck-in at the airport counters

The airport counters are open for check-in process 2.5 hours prior to scheduled takeoff and are closed 45 minutes prior to scheduled takeoff.

You are required to get ready before the check-in counters:

  • Print out itinerary confirmation
  • Passport
  • Carry-on luggage (not in excess of 10 kg. maximum)
  • Checked luggage (Checked luggage is subject to charge extra. A passenger may purchase for additional checked luggage as the actual requirements may justify 4 hours before takeoff otherwise the checked luggage is deemed overweight in all cases and shall be charged for overweight).

Please note: No seat selection is permitted when you check in at the airport. When you are in such a need, please purchase and pay additionally four(4) hours prior to scheduled takeoff. In order to fulfill the new security requirement of Hold Baggage Screening of Macau airport. The check-in counter at MFM airport is closed 60 minutes prior to scheduled takeoff time. Please complete the check-in procedure before the counter is closed.

1HRPick up your boarding pass

Please check and verify whether the name on the boarding pass is identical to that shown on your passport and then proceed with the Immigration Department ready for exit examination.

※ Please get to the X-ray examination spot to make sure that your checked luggage satisfactorily goes through the security check.

 The Immigration Department

Please be sure to get to the Immigration Department for the exit examination process before too late to prevent a potential delay from boarding amidst the heavy crowds.

Please get ready the documents enumerated below beforehand:

  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
30MINBoarding gate Ready to board

Please get to the boarding gate ready to board 30 minutes prior to scheduled takeoff

You should get to the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled takeoff. The boarding gate is closed 10 minutes before scheduled takeoff. A belated passenger shall be denied from boarding while his or her luggage shall be unshipped for which Tigerair Taiwan grants not any compensation. You shall buy a ticket anew at the current price if you intend to board the subsequent flight

Please get ready the documents enumerated below beforehand:

  • passport
  • Boarding pass

For quite many Tigerair Taiwan flights, you have to board through conventional mobile stairway Whenever you are in need in the boarding process, please contact our Customer Service Center at least 5 days before scheduled takeoff


Travel documents

To satisfy the requirements by Tigerair Taiwan, Immigration & Naturalization Service and other government authorities, each and every is reminded to present and make sure of all valid travel documents in full (Please provide visa with you, where necessary). All penalty, fine and expenses so incurred by violation of such requirements shall be solely borne by the passenger. Whenever a passenger is found to present an invalid, inappropriate or even misrepresented travel document shall be denied from boarding Tigerair Taiwan for which Tigerair Taiwan offers not any compensation.

O Valid identity papers required for boardingX Invalid identity papers required for boarding
  1. An identity certificate with photo, e.g., driver’s license, passport, social security card, medical card.
  2. A child shall hold an identity certificate with photo after approval. The requirements of identity certificate for a child are same as those required for an adult. We'd like to strongly advise a child to carry birth certificate or student certificate throughout the journey.
  3. Pursuant to Article 28 (1), 1951《United Nations Convention》, a refugee travel certificate issued under 《United Nations Convention》 is acceptable instead of a valid passport .
  1. A resident card or household registry book is not acceptable as a valid passport, identity certificate or identity paper in an international flight.
  2. A past due or damaged passport is unacceptable to any Tigerair Taiwan flight. You failure to present a valid passport with name exactly consistent with yours shall lead to your being denied from boarding.
  • Please note: In some events, an Immigration & Naturalization Service might request a visitor to present confirmed flight ticket for return trip or onward journey.
  • Whenever you are not definitely sure about a need for a visa in your journey, please consult with the local embassy/consulate of your destination country before reservation process. In the event that you fail to acquire a valid visa after you complete the reservation process, Tigerair Taiwan does not grant a refund, nor will Tigerair Taiwan render consultation services in response to your inquiry about visa.



Use of electronic equipment

Laptops / Portable computers, CD Walkmans, Digital MP3 Players, Portable DVD Players, Non-Cellular PDAs and Digital Dictaphones may all be used on board Tigerair flights after take-off and the Captain has switched off the 'Fasten Seatbelt' sign.

Mobile Phones and Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) equipped with wireless phone connections may be carried only in cabin baggage but must be switched off once the aircraft doors are closed for departure. These items must not be used during flight.

Please check with the cabin crew if you are not sure.

Passengers now can use portable electronic devices on board Tigerair Taiwan’s aircraft (flight number begins with ‘IT’) according to the Civil Aviation Act of the ROC from November 2015. Any violation of these regulations will be subjected to imprisonment of up to maximum of 5 years, detention, or a maximum fine of NT$150,000; for serious cases, one may be subjected to life imprisonment.

  • After the doors are closed, all passengers should follow cabin announcement to comply with the related electronic devices regulations. All portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablet devices, and laptops, must be switched to “Flight Mode” and turned off the Wi-Fi/voice call communication functions. After landing and the airplane vacates the runway, the cabin crew will notify passengers about the timing of using portable electronic devices.
  • Radio transmitting function of portable electronic devices are prohibited throughout the flight. These devices may include remote control, radio transmitter, transmitting devices and remote-controlled toys. Moreover, devices cannot be switched to flight mode nor turned off Wi-Fi/communication functions such as non-smartphones must be power off after cabin door closed until the announcement has been made after the airplane vacates the runway.
  • E-cigarettes are prohibited during entire flight.
  • The outlet in the lavatory is for electric shaver use only.
  • To prevent interfering with the evacuation or the unexpected turbulence, portable electronic devices, such as laptops, that cannot be hand held or properly accommodated in the seat pocket (the maximum load is 1KG) should be stowed underneath the seat and cannot slide or in the overhead compartment during take-off and landing while the height is below 10,000 feet, unless flight attendants have announced that permitted devices can be used throughout the flight. For the accessories, such as power cable or headphone cord, should be accommodated properly in order to prevent interfering with the evacuation.
  • The cabin crew may request passengers to turn off their electronic device if it cannot be identified as in “Flight Mode”, or suspect that a device interferes with the aircraft.
  • Outside of the territories of the ROC, passengers should follow flight attendants’ announcement about the instruction of using portable electronic devices according to the local Civil Aviation Act.

electronic handcarry

Tigerair Taiwan (flight number begins with ‘IT’) will be banning the carriage of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all our flights. The device cannot be carried on guests’ persons or in their hand-carry baggage, nor can it be checked in or shipped as air cargo.  Meanwhile, all Tigerair Taiwan’s aircraft (flight number begins with ‘IT’) cannot use power bank during flights. We thank for your cooperation.

According to the latest announcement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all electronic products containing lithium batteries in check-in baggage must be shut down before shipment and properly protected since 1st July 2017.