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baggage rules

Each passenger may only carry one piece of hand luggage (size less than 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (the aforementioned size includes the exterior parts of the luggage such as wheels and handles)) and one personal belonging (such as handbags, computer bags, or duty-free goods). A total of two pieces may be hand-carried into the aircraft, and their total weight must not exceed 10 kg. Both your carry-on articles and hand luggage are subject to checking and verification by the airport working crew for the dimensions, quantities and weights and shall be labeled with yellow tags.

Regulations of hand baggage
Size Size less than 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (the aforementioned size includes the exterior parts of the luggage such as wheels and handles)
Quantities One piece of hand baggage + One personal belonging. A total of two pieces.
Weight Total weight must not exceed 10 kg.

※ Regarding rules and regulations of different countries in luggage check, please look into the airport rules of the countries concerned.

  • You are permitted to carry liquids, plastic objects and liquefied gas into a piece of hand luggage provided, that all such objects shall be securely contained into a container not beyond 100 milliliters maximum for each item.
  • All such container(s) shall be packed into a transparent, reusable and tightly sealed plastic bag. The aggregate total capacity of the plastic bag shall not exceed one liter maximum.
  • A passenger is permitted to carry only one such plastic bag.
  • At the luggage check point, these plastic bag(s) should be separated from the carry-on luggage and be presented to the security check personnel to pass X-ray inspection individually.

  • These articles are permitted to be put into the hand luggage.
  • At the luggage check spot, all these items should be separated from your hand luggage and be declared to the security check personnel.
  • Where you board a Tigerair Taiwan flight with legal, or prescription drugs, you should carry a identity certificate with the name identical to yours and supporting documents (e.g., identity certificate, a doctor's certificate).

  • Under the specifications promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all countries might impose certain restriction upon carriage of liquid, aerosols and gel-based articles. In certain countries, such articles are subject to control for all and any transit flights. These measures might affect you from a permit to carry duty-free goods into passenger cabins.
  • You are, therefore, cordially advised to consult with the duty-free shop inspection personnel before you shop duty-free goods.

  • A passenger who carries a lighter, matches in either carry-on luggage or checked luggage, is absolutely banned from boarding a flight toward China. Please note: Not a lighter or a match alone. All such similar items are strictly banned.
  • You may all right carry your ordinary carry-on articles to board a Tigerair Taiwan flight, like a camera, individual musical player, books and clothes.

These articles enumerated below are banned from being carried into a control zone or a flight cabin but might be carried in the checked luggage if the destination airport permits import of such items:

  • Weapons with cutting edges or sharp articles, sharp goods or goods with a blade, including: an ax, a hatchet, an arrow, dart, spiked shoes (anchor, hooked iron bar, mountaineering belt, spike rocked steel board, fish spear, pike, ice-axe, skates, jackknife or flick knife with varying-length blades, including metallic ones or other cutlery tools made of other materials oriented for rituals or religious purposes, religious cutlery likely to be used as a weapon, hunting knife, cleaver, machete, open-ended razor and blade (other than the safety razor or disposable razor, saber, sword and cane sword or sword stick, scalpel, scissors with blades in varied lengths, cane for skiing and hiking/mountaineering, start-shaped dart, artisan tool that can be used as sharp or bladed weapon like drill and drill bit, unpacking knife, multifunction knife, a variety of saws, screwdriver, crowbar, hammer, pliers, wrench/spanner, blowtorch.
  • Blunt end tools: Any kinds of blunt articles that might cause an injury, including tennis racket, baseball and softball bat, club or quarterstaff (either stiff or elastic), e.g., spontoon, antiriot spontoon, cricket racket, golf club, hockey ball and throw-club, hockey stick, Eskimo canoe, canoe-paddle, sliding plate, billiard ball and billiard stick, fishing pole, martial art equipment & facilities like brass knuckles, clubs, teacher's ruler, cangued sticks, nunchucks, flak jacket, kubasaunts.

An infant without a seated ticket is not entitled to hand luggage quota into the cabin.

To facilitate security check and assure flight safety, please be sure to check luggage in excess of specified dimension or weigh at the luggage counter (and pay for it).

Restriction on dimension

  • The checked luggage in a single piece shall not exceed 30 kg. maximum.
  • The aggregate total of exterior length, width and height of each piece of checked luggage shall be at 203 cm or below 203 cm (The length of a single side should be 120 cm or below 120 cm)

Guidelines for sharing checked luggage allowance

  • Fellow passengers with the same reservation codes and is sure that they have checked in over the counter at the same time may share their checked luggage allowance.
  • A fellow passenger not in the same reservation number is not entitled to co-share your quota.
  • An unseated infant passenger is not entitled to purchase additional luggage quota.

Guidelines on checked luggage

  • You may start checking your luggage 2.5 hours prior to scheduled takeoff.
  • Please be sure not to package fragile, spoilable and significant personal effects into your checked luggage;
  • All pieces of checked luggage shall be packaged into a carton or a container in a accurate and secured manner to assure the carriage journey safe and sound all the way.
  • Tigerair Taiwan would cordially suggest that you expressly remark your name, home address, contact phone number and/or the Tigerair Taiwan flight you board. You efforts to remark this information on your checked luggage would minimize a potential mispacking on the journey and will significantly accelerate the time required in processing.
  • Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility at all for a piece of luggage that is not packed securely enough, containing easily spoilable, damaged or fragile articles. On the potential damage resulting from normal wear & tear (e.g., scratch, stains, smear, water stain) or damage to the pull bar, handle, wheel, zipper or lock in the exterior structure), Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility for damage indemnity as well. We appreciate your thoughtful understanding.
  • Infant equipment & facilities, including baby strollers, foldable baby strollers, baby cribs and baby chairs are acceptable into checked luggage (you are advised to pack them in a very sound shape. Tigerair Taiwan, nevertheless, would carry such articles under exemption of luggage (To put it in more understandable terms, Tigerair Taiwan would carry such articles in the precondition that the Tigerair Taiwan passenger shall solely assume the responsibility in case of damage or delay). Tigerair Taiwan would earnestly suggest passengers to have such articles duly insured as appropriate.
  • Tigerair Taiwan cannot guarantee acceptance of any and all checked luggage. On checked luggage, Tigerair Taiwan will take into account all sorts of factors concerned and reserves the final discretion.

For more information of articles banned from being carried into a flight cabin, please see prohibited goods.


Special consigned carriage

Normally, a piece of luggage should be within the dimension of 203 cm in aggregate total. The luggage height shall not exceed 120 cm in any side. A piece in excess of such dimension is defined as large-sized luggage.

Where a Tigerair Taiwan flight holds limited room and space in its container, whenever a piece of large-sized luggage has any side in excess of 200 cm, please be sure to measure the contents below and contact our Customer Service Center.

  • Dimensions of all three sides after completion of the packaging process.
  • Weight of the luggage after completion of the packaging process.
  • Quantity of the luggage after completion of the packaging process.

You may consolidate your sporting goods into your pre-ordered checked luggage services. During the booking process, you may purchase additional checked luggage for your sports apparatus through Luggage Upsize™ (checked luggage) or manage booking.

The sports apparatuses in the checked luggage.

Where you intend to check sports equipment into luggage, please note that it should be consistent with checked luggage related provisions.

  • The volume size: The aggregate total of width and height should be within 203cm. Each and every side should be within 120 cm. If your sports equipment is not in regular dimensions, please contact Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center.
  • A single piece luggage shall not be in excess of 30 kg.

Please note: If your sports equipment is in excess of the quota of your purchased checked luggage, you are required to pay for the overweight at the airport counter for every kilogram overweight.

Those sports equipment enumerated below may be acceptable for checked luggage:

(The weight of sports equipment is counted into the weight of the checked luggage. )
(The rules for some sports equipment are quoted below. In the event that by a chance the sports equipment you intend to check into luggage are not found here, please fee free to contact Tigerair Taiwan's Customer Service Center where we are more than pleased to serve you with more information. )

O Golf products and facilities

Golf products and facilities, including clubs, golf balls, umbrellas and gym footwear which shall be securely packaged into the containers with protective devices.

O Bicycles

A bicycle shall be securely packaged into a box with protective devices or into a bicycle bag. A Tigerair Taiwan passenger may check one bicycle into a box (case). Please note the following key points before checking a bicycle for carriage:

  • The bicycle tires must be completely deflated in full.
  • The bicycle hand shanks must be placed in parallel with the frame.
  • The bicycle pedals should be detachable and be placed in parallel with the frame.
  • The bicycle wheel gears must be wrapped with protective devices.

O Fishing kits

The fishing pole and fishing scroll shall be packed into a hard box. The fishing footwear, fixing box and the fall-to-ground mosquito nets shall be well packaged into a protective device (bag).

O Diving/snorkeling equipment

A Tigerair Taiwan passenger may check diving equipment in only one piece into luggage. Before checking diving equipment into luggage, please note the key points enumerated below:

  • The oxygen bottle must be emptied (The pressure gauge must return zero).
  • The gas valve of the bottle must remain open.
  • The lance and the fishing spear shall be disassembled and well wrapped with protective devices.
  • A submarine light, if intended to be carried in checked luggage, calls for application to and approval from the airline company beforehand. We, Tigerair Taiwan, would strongly advise you to consult with the submarine light manufacturer to make sure of the brand name and specifications of the lithium battery(ies). After the submarine light is approved for carriage into checked luggage, the bulb, fuse and lithium battery shall be removed beforehand and packaged separately. The lithium battery should be carried with your hand bag

O Surfboard, skis and ski

  • All sports apparatuses in such boards shall be well wrapped with protective devices. Besides,
  • The sports apparatuses including the part of wings shall be removed from the board first so as to protect your boards from being damaged.
  • If you fail to remove beforehand, it is in a likely risk to damage your luggage for which Tigerair Taiwan assumes no responsibility of damage indemnity.

X The sports equipment banned from checked luggage

Such sports equipment as enumerated below are banned from being checked into the luggage cabin because of the restriction on volume or difficulty in processing. Please do not try to check such sports equipment into the luggage cabin.

  • Canoe
  • Canoe /oar
  • Javelin
  • A long pile for high jump
  • Suspension type glider
  • Sailboard

Tigerair Taiwan accepts musical instrument as a checked baggage item. Please be sure to put it inside the instrument box properly during the trip.

If you want to hand carry a large / overweight instrument, you may need to purchase additional seats.

If you want to purchase an adjacent seat, please contact with tigerair Taiwan customer service center 5 days prior of your flight with the current fare at that time. This additional seat does not include the carry-on or checked baggage amount.

Tigerair Taiwan does not responsible for any damages to the instrument even if it packed properly. unless it is due to Tigerair Taiwan's absence.

Tigerair Taiwan do not accept transport animals in neither aircraft cabin nor luggage compartment in any circumstances. Including: pets, insects or any other forms of livings.

※ Guide dogs do not need to follow this limitations. Please refer to guide dogs' instructions.

Tigerair Taiwan do not accept human remains as chekced baggage on any route.

If you would like to arrange E-WCHR (Mobility device) handling, please click HERE for more information.

Those articles enumerated below are in a likely risk to jeopardize flight security and are banned from being carried into a flight cabin through either hand bag but should be put into checked luggage:


Such as a variety of fruit knives, scissors, kitchen knives, watermelon knives, sashimi knives, mountain knives, sickles, art knives, steak knives, jackknives, scalpels, Schweizer messers and such cutting tools.

(Safety (fillister head) scissors containing no plastics and butter table knife. )

Sharp edge articles Such as bow & arrow, large-size fishhook, metallic nail over 5 cm in length, dart, metallic knitting needle, staple gun, medical syringe needle (note 1) and such appliance with puncture function.
Clubs, tools and farm tools

Club, hoe, hammer, ax, screwdriver, metallic rake, awl, saw, chisel, cold chisel, iron chain of varied materials, metal ruler over 0.5 mm in thickness, foot stand for camera (video camera) (over 1 cm in pipe diameter, retractable over 60 cm after being folded) and metallic vernier caliper which may be used as a tool for knocking, puncture.

Firearms Toy gun in varied materials, gun, knife; and spontoon, handcuffs, Taser (club) (note 2) manufactured and marketed under Regulations Governing Ammunition & Police.
Sporting goods

Such items as baseball bat, golf club, field hockey stick, cricket bat, billiard stick, skateboard, Eskimo canoe and canoe paddle, ice hockey club, fishing pole, brute force slingshot, decorative mode treasured, nunchakus, skates (spiked shoes) which might be converted into an assault weapon.

Liquid, gel and spray articles
  1. Where you fly Tigerair Taiwan on an international flight, you may carry in your hand luggage liquid, gel and spray articles in a container not beyond 100 ml. Maximum which should be further contained in a transparent, resealable plastic zipper storage bag not beyond 20×20 cm in dimension. When all containers are put into the plastic zipper storage bag, the plastic zipper storage bag should be able to be tightly sealed up. A passenger may carry only one transparent plastic zipper storage bag. All such items not satisfactory the aforementioned requirements shall be put into the checked luggage.
  2. All such items like baby milk (food), medicine, liquid required for diabetes or other medical care articles in liquid, gel and spray shape inconsistent with the aforementioned limitation shall be declared to the security check personnel of Aeronautics Police Administration, Ministry of the Interior at the security check line of the airport and may be put into the hand bag and carried into the cabin only after being approved in the security check.
Articles of other categories Other articles that might challenge flight security through human operation
  • Note No. 1: The syringe needles which are to be used for medical needs during flight should be declared to the security check personnel of Aeronautics Police Administration, Ministry of the Interior at the security check line of the airport are free of the aforementioned restriction after being approved.
  • Note No. 2: Such hazardous items like a Taser or electric shock device (bar), high pressure gas, lithium battery and shall not be carried into flight cabin through either a hand bag or checked luggage.
  • Note No. 3: For the present promulgation, the Chinese version shall prevail. The English version is provided for reference only.
Tigerair Taiwan will put forth maximum possible efforts to carry your luggage safe and sound in real time. Whenever you notice your luggage missing, damaged or allegedly stolen, please be sure to contact and declare to the Luggage Department of Tigerair Taiwan at the luggage claim carousal. In response, we will issue a "luggage abnormal report" note and provide you with services as necessary.

carry-on baggage

Your carry-on baggage will be forwarded to the local Tigerair Taiwan office or the ground crew of the local luggage agency if found. You can fill outLeft behind items in cabin report and then you may directly contact the local Tigerair Taiwan office or the ground crew. In the event that your carry-on baggage is lost at a public area in the airport, you are advised to directly consult with the "Lost & Found" Department of the airport.

checked baggage

For assistance with checked baggage, please approach the Tiger Airways ground crew in Taiwan at the baggage claim area within the airport control area. We do not accept passenger claims for checked baggage after they have left the airport control area. Where the responsibility and obligations of an airline company are subject to restriction of international pact, we'd cordially advise you to purchase appropriate travel insurance beforehand.

When you intend to claim compensation for damaged luggage, please claim with the luggage abnormality declaration with other supporting certificates (passport in a photocopy/boarding pass/receipt of checked luggage/drawing file of the damaged luggage) within seven (7) days from the date when the luggage abnormality declaration was issued. If you declare checked luggage, you are advised to get ready other supporting certificates (passport in a photocopy/boarding pass/receipt of checked luggage) and e-mail to following e-mail address within 21 days after you arrive at the destination or return to home country. A claim beyond such timeframe is unacceptable. The investigation process will normally 21-30 workdays. Please wait patiently.

A claim for damaged or delayed luggage shall be forwarded to the address below:

Tigerair Baggage Claims
Charles Taylor Aviation
Address: 140 Cecil Street, #15-00 PIL Building, Singapore 069540
FAX: (+65) 6423 0150
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This e-mail address accepts only declaration of luggage delayed/damaged/allegedly stolen.)