Check-in completed 60 mins before STD in Macau Airport

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Tigerair Taiwan’s Chinese New Year Operating Announcement

While the Chinese New Year is coming, Taoyuan International Airport’s popularity is expecting to soar with the airport might hit a record high. In order to avoid a growing number of people at the airport who might not be able to board the aircraft as well as pass the immigration station or security check, Tigerair Taiwan made an announcement today, 24 January. All passengers who are going to depart from Taoyuan International Airport between 2 February 2019 and 8 February 2019 through Tigerair Taiwan’s flight, the airport counters will open 3 hours before the departure time for processing check-in procedure. It is recommended that all passengers should complete his/her check-in at least 1 hour before the departure time in order to avoid the increased passenger traffic for causing missed flight.

Tigerair Taiwan would like to remind passengers about some tips while processing check-in procedure. Please do not place power banks and lighters into your checked baggage, otherwise your checked baggage might not be able to pass the X-Ray scanner. It is also recommended that all passengers could apply E-Gate service in order to speed up the efficiency of clear immigration. Tigerair Taiwan also restated the cabin luggage allowance policy, each passenger could carry one piece of hand luggage on-board with maximum dimensions of 54 x 38 x 23cm, including handles and wheels, as well as one smaller personal item, such as handbag, laptop, and shop purchases etc., which is limited to total 2 pieces of maximum 10kg. A checking procedure might be applied at the boarding gate, if passenger’s cabin luggage allowance is excess the policy as above and not checked in at the airport check-in counter, the excess items might be charged NT$1,000 per item.

While prevention of African swine fever, all Tigerair Taiwan’s flights to Taiwan is making in-flight announcement as a reminder about the prohibition of bring any kind of meat and meat products into Taiwan. Any violation of this regulation will be subjected to a maximum fine of NT$1,000,000. Tigerair Taiwan’s all passengers should be aware of this issue for avoiding to receive the penalty while shopping souvenirs during the journey. All passengers who flying with Tigerair Taiwan from Macau to Taiwan shall cooperate in the carry-on baggage check policy.

Tigerair Taiwan’s call centre (+8862-5599-2555) operating hours is revised during Chinese New Year as well. Tigerair Taiwan’s call centre will operate between 09:00 and 17:00 on 4 February 2019 and between 09:00 and 18:00 from 5 February 2019 to 9 February 2019, all in Taipei Time. Normal operations will resume on 10 February 2019. It is encouraged that passengers could check Tigerair Taiwan’s FAQ page ( to receive further answer or utilise Tigerair Taiwan’s official website ( to complete your request during this period.

Wishing one and all a wonderful year ahead!