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Anti-fraud policy statement

Release date: October 30, 2020
Update: July 22, 2022


In the face of the Internet age, various cyber-attack emerges endlessly. Tigerair Taiwan would like to thank all support from members, but would also remind all members to enhance your self-protection awareness, and be cautious and careful when using the Internet or social networking sites to prevent online-fraud. We would like to remind all members of Tigerair Taiwan of the following:  


1. Tigerair Taiwan will not take the initiative to ask any member to operate ATMs (automated teller machine or cash machine) to complete any settings. If you receive a fake call from an unknown person asking you to provide relevant information such as credit cards information, please immediately call the anti-fraud hotline 165 or visit 165 fraud prevention website ( for consultation in Taiwan, or seek anti-fraud hotline in your location. You may also take the initiative to contact Tigerair Taiwan Customer Service Centre for query (+886-2-7753-1088).


2. It is recommended that all members regularly update the membership passwords. The password setting should be different from other websites and meet a certain required strength.


3. Please keep your personal information properly and do not provide them to anyone. Be sure to log out after you complete the information change procedures such as online booking, shopping or member contact. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window and clear the stored data to prevent others from collecting and using your personal data.


4. If you receive an email or text message from an unknown party, please do not open or click on the URL link, and do not download and install programs or software from unknown sources.


In view of the frequent occurrence of Internet fraud cases, if you have any questions, please visit the official website of Tigerair Taiwan for related information, or welcome to contact Tigerair Taiwan Customer Service Center (+886-2-7753-1088).