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Security Charge will be adjusted at HND/KIJ/OKA/IBR/KMQ/KCZ 6 Airport from 8-March

Issued date: 08 MAR 2024


From 8 Mar 2024, Passenger Security Service Charges (PSSC)

in the following 6 airports including Haneda Airport, Niigata Airport, Naha Airport, Ibaraki Airport, Komatsu Airport and Kōchi Airport will be revised as below,


Passenger Security Service Charges, PSSC


       Adult/ Child under 12: JPY 230/per person


For following up the new policy, the usage charges will be added to the airfares issued on or after 8 March 2024 and paid by the passengers at the time the airline tickets are purchased through Tigerair Taiwan’s website ( Please note that while the exchange rate is fluctuation, the actual amount will be charged accordingly as the displayed amount on webpage.